We’re having a challenge!  A very important challenge!  We’re all growing sunflower seeds to see who can grow the biggest.

We all started a few weeks ago.  I handed everyone a pot and compost and two seeds and left them to it.  I planted mine and put them on the windowsill in the kitchen.  They grew….very quickly!  Everyone else had chosen spots in the garden and after two weeks theirs had not grown at all.

They were not happy.  Why had mine grown and theirs hadn’t….why?  Because I put mine in a sunny spot inside the house I replied.  This had them all scurrying around looking for more seeds in order to start again.

It was an interesting experiment to see if anyone copied me or all went their own different ways.  I was actually quite pleased to see them all make their own decisions ( albeit the wrong ones! ) as it showed that they are all able to think for themselves and not follow the crowd!  That is…until they found a good way to do it and then took the advice and followed suit.

Their seeds are now all merrily sprouting away but I’m still winning, I have a head start!  I’ve always made the children work hard to win.  Some people think I’m wrong but when they were little we would play Air Hockey and I always played to win and told them so!  This made them try harder and harder and now they thrash me every time.

It’s a competitive world and I believed they needed to learn this from a young age.  They have learnt and it hasn’t done them any harm!

I’ve always been competitive and my children take after me…I think it’s a good thing.

Oh…and the rubble at the top of the stairs has been moved….eventually!!!

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