Counting my blessings!

Counting your blessings can be tough at times!

Ok, there are lots of things we all take for granted but that’s the whole point of this little piece of ranting, it’s not until something happens or goes wrong that we realise how important silly little things are!  Well, not so silly really, just that we don’t appreciate the things we really should appreciate.

Like having feet that work!  DOH!….I hear you all cry, but whilst you’re all merrily just ‘popping to the loo’ or ‘just popping into the kitchen to make a coffee’, I’m clicking around on crutches!  And no, this is isn’t an opportunity to get sympathy, it’s just that sometimes you need to have something taken away from you in order to achieve the sense of gratitude you should be aware of continually.

Sadly this is not a great likeness of me but I’m definitely a hazard on crutches!

So, back to the crutches for a second, what have I done?  Firstly, I was at the hospital (can’t help but see the irony in this!) having an appointment with the Geneticist (long story) and as I left, my handbag caught on the chair I’d been sitting on (one the NHS’s lovely heavy metal things) and as it fell, it landed on my right foot.  An x-ray showed no break but that didn’t stop my foot from swelling to twice it’s normal size and going black and blue from ankle to toe.  That didn’t put me on crutches though, it was the surgery I had a week later to correct a deformity in my left foot!

Having two gammy feet at the same time has been an interesting experience!  The ‘good’ one that has been, supposedly, taking the weight off my ‘bad’ foot has not done a great job and at times has been more painful than the foot that has been broken in three places!  Now I REALLY appreciate my ability to walk!  Not that I haven’t in the past, it’s just that it’s something most of us don’t actually think about, they just work when our brain tells them to so we don’t HAVE to think about it.

My surgeon probably wouldn’t have been too delighted to see me attempting to play rounders less than 2 weeks after the operation either, but hey, life goes on and it had to be done.  Not easy though when you’re totally off balance and only have one ‘good leg to stand on!   And no, I didn’t try to run after I’d hit the ball, that would have been stupid!

But maybe we should give more thought to everything we have in our lives that makes life so much easier, and not just our bodies.  Our cars make our lives so easy and, I for one, am eternally grateful every time I get in mine and it starts!  Living in cosy, weatherproof houses is a privilege that most of us take for granted, and yet there are so many millions of people on this planet who have to survive without even the very basics of survival.  These are the things we should give thanks for every day of our lives, everything else, like TV, is a bonus.

So whilst I’m sitting here longing for proper use of my legs back I’m also trying hard not to get so bummed out when the Wi-Fi plays up or the toast burns!  It’s hard sometimes to count your blessings but I really am trying, I just need a gentle reminder sometimes.

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