Crazy days!

Film crews and girls mad night out!

It’s been a particularly mad couple of days!  Not just incredibly busy with the film crew here but also emotionally draining.  I’ve been building up to what Nikita would do in year 11 for years and worrying about getting the best for her.  Day one at college appears to have gone very well but it’s obviously very early days.  She was sick again this morning and announced on arrival at the college that she wasn’t going in!  Harry and Kacie had come along for the ride in their pyjamas but she was fine with myself and Harry walking in with her!  The strange look from the ladies on reception was perfectly understandable as I stood there in the middle of the reception area wobbling on my crutches and a barefoot Harry stood next to me in what were obviously his pyjamas!  Eventually a lovely lady came over and asked if this was Nikita and told us that she had been sent down to take her up to the right place.  After much hugging and kissing she toddled off!

Drunken Teenagers and Film Crews

So last night was the girls night out with the film crew.  They were off to the Kasbah in Coventry, what I didn’t realise was that all of their friends were congregating at our house first!  Armed with Tesco’s entire stock of alcohol people started arriving, more and more and more of them.  Before I knew what was going on the house was filled with drunken teenagers all hell bent on having a crazy night out.  With legal students etc…in attendance getting them all to fill out the release forms for the filming was nothing less ‘tricky’ as they read and re-read the small print.  In the end I announced ‘Sign the bloody forms or don’t go!’  This seemed to do the trick. Having a house full of teenagers was fine, I’m used to it, but Osborn and Pippa have gone back to school for their first day today and Nikita was shattered from her first day at college.  Trying to keep 10 inebriated ones quiet enough for the younger ones to be able to get to sleep was a tall order.  Eventually I pulled out a roll of tape and told them that I ‘had tape and I knew how to use it’, if the noise carried on I would gag the lot of them!  It made little difference as the decibel level gradually rose again as they played some drinking game and I spent the whole time ‘shushing’ them!

How they managed to film in this lot is beyond me?

Peace reigns!

At 11 the taxis arrived and I herded them all out so that Lucy and Vicky could film their exit this end.  Running around getting film equipment into their car so they could follow the taxis was the next major task in hand and finally everyone was safely on their way.  I walked back into the house pondering worriedly about what the night ahead had in store for the camera crew and what on earth they would end up getting on film!  Me?…….Nervous?….. Nah!…..Well actually, yes.  Anything can happen with my lot and normally does!

The quiet that pervaded the house was nothing less than eerie.  I stood alone for the first time in days surveying the chaos left in the wake of the revellers and decided to ignore it and make them clear it up in the morning themselves.  A good move I felt!  I felt slightly lost, I had spent the past two days orchestrating getting the right people into the right place at the right time and suddenly all there was to do was collapse in to bed.  I gratefully did so.

Lucy and Vicky hadn’t stopped for 2 very long, hard days and I felt for them as they left.  Apparently they were intending on leaving the club around 2 but ended up finally driving back to London much later than planned.  They got home at 6.30 this morning and Lucy already looked exhausted before they even left last night.  I do hope they’re both OK but have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed having them both around as they are both so lovely.  I’m hoping they’ll become regular guests and so do the children.  Thank you both of you for all your incredibly hard work, dedication and patience in an impossible scenario, we’ll hopefully see you later this week.  Love you both!


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