Dating suggestions please!

Being Single!

I admit it, I’ve been single since my husband died through lack of potential boyfriends.  Not lack of proposed dates, just me being fussy!  So how do you meet someone?  I’m not looking for marriage, I’m not necessarily looking for something heavy either, although I do admit I’m open minded.  

Over the last six and half years I have staunchly taken the stance that I’m very happy to be single and, in actual fact, I have been.  Part of this philosophy has been fuelled by my lousy track record with men generally.  It’s not very good!  Recently though I’ve started to feel that maybe my inability to find a suitable partner, in whatever capacity, may be improving.  Wishful thinking or fed up with having no-one to cuddle me?  Bit of both probably but I must confess that sleeping with the dog every night, whilst better than nothing, is wearing a little thin!

Please don’t misunderstand me, I love Lexie dearly and we have some lovely conversations (it’s definitely been too long so don’t rush to call the men in white coats!) but in terms of reciprocation she does tend to be a little mute.  I need a human being to cuddle up to!

But, how on earth do you meet people?  I’ve done the whole internet thing with disastrous results and hated every minute of going on what is little better than a ‘blind date’.  And why is that every one you actually summon up the strength to go and have dinner with looks nothing like their profile picture?  Mine looks like me, so where do they get these pictures from and beware the ‘lucky’ one that’s been taken years before and due to good lighting actually makes them look quite nice. (They normally have only one picture on display!)

YUP…this rings a bell!

So, am I shallow enough to base my decision on looks alone?  NO….I can say that quite emphatically as I’ve had several boyfriends in my life that fell pretty short in the looks department but more than made up for it in other ways.  Get your minds out of the gutter, I’m talking about intelligence and personality!  Having said that, my feeling that I need a man in my life is partly fuelled by the enforced celibacy I find myself enduring!

I’ve decided however, that I either meet someone ‘organically’ or not at all.  The contrived nature of internet dating, speed dating etc….leaves me cold despite the fact that one of my closest friends has met her lovely future husband through the internet.  It’s just not for me.

So when you have no social life (as in my case!) where am I going to meet a man organically?  There’s one floating around at the moment that I’ve spoken to on a couple of occasions that I’d like to get to know better but I’m pretty sure the feeling isn’t reciprocated, so do I actively look or rely on someone popping randomly up on the horizon?

I’m really not sure but I guess eventually I might find myself in a position where I can have an adult conversation with a member of the opposite sex that I can actually cuddle up to after and just enjoy the feeling of being held again.  Or on the other hand, I could just go back to my previous belief that I’m safer remaining single!

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