De-cluttering seems to be the big buzz word at the moment.  We are currently de-cluttering as well as, it seems, everyone else!  What I don’t feel so at ease with is why we all need to de-clutter at all these days?  My parents never ‘de-cluttered’, they were from the generation of people who ‘made do and mended’ everything, there was never anything to de-clutter!  In my house growing up we were minimalist long before it was ever a fashionable way of living and most things were held together with the ever faithful ‘Araldite’!

In our modern times we replace rather than fix and have so much stuff, I guess, because it’s there, cheap and almost disposable?  I know it can be an illness that needs treating but for most of us it’s just become a way of life.

Well at least we’re a million miles from being as bad as this!!

Why so much?

So why are we de-cluttering, we’re obviously as bad as everyone else!  Well, yes and no.  Firstly, my late husband was the hoarder of all hoarders.  When he died I found stashed in a storage container about 1000 cardboard boxes!  Some were full of junk mail whilst others contained only one extension lead but amongst the rest were old broken toys, 1000’s of old pens and pencils, children’s clothes that hadn’t fitted any of them since they were born and a million other things that just didn’t need to be kept.  We obviously inherited the problem of sorting this lot out which has taken 6 years (and still not completed) due to a number of reasons ranging from lack of time to emotionally not wanting to do it.

Add to this that at the time of his death we were living in a house with no pictures on the walls, barely any furniture and nothing decorative and I guess I did ‘go the other way’ to a degree!  I filled the house with furniture, filled the walls with beautiful paintings and photos (a lot of which we found stored away) and turned our sterile house into a home.  The trouble is, I think at some point I got a little carried away!

State of mind?

Is living in clutter a state of mind?  I think it probably is.  I assume some of us gain a sense of security from our possessions, wrong, but I think true.  So are our belongings a substitute for other things that are missing from our lives?  Again I think this is true.  A lot of us lack companionship, love and support so our ‘bits and pieces’ give us something to cling onto maybe?  I’m not a psychologist so I’m guessing but I do know it can become a real problem and we all seem to have caught the hoarding bug from Paul.  Strange because when we first met I was anything but a hoarder and completely organised in my life.  We’re all now working very hard at letting go of the stuff that we just don’t need and is actually getting in our way and we’re doing pretty well at it.  Only problem is that, as we all probably know, the mess has to get worse before it gets better!  Black bin liners everywhere at the moment but it is soooooo satisfying tying up yet another bag of useless ‘crap’!  Kenilworth tip… I come……… .AGAIN!!!!

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