Dedicated to sons everywhere…..

 Osborn Shanks Blog

Osborn has started writing a blog!  I’m so proud of him, not only because he’s doing it, but also because it’s very good writing on some awesome subjects.  I’ve always wanted him to write a blog, the intricacies of the way his brain works is absolutely fascinating and I’ve been keen for him to share his thoughts.

My eternally wonderful, funny, loving son!

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I have special relationship with Ozzy, one of intense teasing about his similarity to Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory but also massive respect for the power of his mind and his ability to probe more deeply into every subject that anyone else I’ve ever known (apart from maybe me!).

He’s also one the of the kindest, most willing and hard working people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and for all of that I absolutely adore him.

We used to tease him that he would turn into ‘Kevin’ as soon as he hit 13 but he couldn’t be further removed from that particular bolshie character!  Osborn is ever polite and courteous and eternally willing to help with whatever he’s asked to do.  I never have to nag him to do his homework, he has his own self-imposed goal of A* across every subject with which I wish him every success.

He is, of course, my favourite son!  Just as well I only have the one as any brother of his would have large shoes to try to fill but as Osborn was actually one of twins, maybe I would have had 2 awesome sons.  His twin only survived to 13 weeks and died in utero sadly, I always wonder if it would have been a brother for Osborn and how different his life would have been?

But I am eternally grateful to have the son I have and would like to apologise publicly to him for all the times I have p****d him off with my teasing!  Having said that, I stand by my assertion that he does bear an uncanny similarity to Sheldon in every way!

So I think I’ll dedicate this blog to every parent who has an incredible son that they adore with all their heart and I give all of my love to my own little personal ‘experiment’ (I don’t do boys, having so many girls, I find him complicated!) but what an experiment he’s turned out to be!

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