Depression…..ride it and have faith

I’M BACK………(I feel as though I’ve said that before?), and, to be honest, I probably have!  My life is in a constant state of flux, the week may start off looking relatively sane but as anything can happen at any moment, it can all change in a flash!

The past few months have been even more crazy than ‘normal’ and those of you who know me well know exactly what crazy means in ‘The Mad Shanks Residence’.  Anything can happen, anytime, anywhere and anyhow, not only that, it does….frequently!

And so the last few months have rolled by with crisis after crisis and me in the middle wondering woefully how I’m going to get through the day in any fit state to be able to get through the next…..and the next…..

I’ve spoken openly here about depression in the past and people tell me it’s helped them to know that feeling indescribably c**p is, not only experienced by more people than you would imagine, but it’s also OK to feel that way.  Actually…..correction…’s not ok to feel that way but it happens to some of us, and sometimes the only way through is to ride the wave and just survive it as best you can, knowing that eventually, you’ll appear out of the other end into, maybe not sunshine but something that resembles daylight.

I’ve been there countless times but I’ve come to learn that eventually, just like the mythical Phoenix, I will rise again and manage to fight another day.  And the same goes for you…..but it helps to have something you feel passionately enough about to have the desire to rise in the first place.

Fighting and campaigning for better resources and help for people with Autism and mental health issues has become my ‘why’, along with the happiness and wellbeing of my children, so, here I am, on the rise again!  I’m not quite on my feet yet and I’ve got a feeling that there’s a way to go yet, but, at least the direction is up!

If you’re feeling low reading this, don’t beat yourself up, it happens, ride it, get through the days as best you can and know that it will get better.  Have faith in yourself, I have faith in you…….

My TEDx Talk ‘Neurodivergency’ is at:-

7 thoughts on “Depression…..ride it and have faith

  1. Hi Vicie,
    I have just read your inspiring book, you are amazing.
    I am a woman of 55 with an 18 year old son. My husband of 19 years who has a history of depression and alcoholism, tried to take his own life a few weeks ago by hanging himself. I found him and cut him down. He was rushed to hospital with my son beside him and he was in intensive care for three days before he woke up. He.s ok now, and back home. I’m coping but my son is not. Just wondered if you have any advice on how to help my son.

    Thank you so much

    1. Hi there, I feel so much for and empathise totally with how you must both be feeling. You both need warmth and understanding but maybe you would both benefit from some counselling or therapy as well? Your son will win through but he will need time to heal, just be there for him unconditionally and hug him when he needs it, leave him him alone when he needs that too. Has your husband been able to shed any light on why he did it? Maybe if he can it will help you both to come to terms with it? xxx

      1. Thank you Vickie
        That really helps, we have all had crisis counselling and are hoping to be referred for further help. The problem we have is that my husband did it very quickly whilst drunk and on antidepressant medication, and it was very lucky that I found him when I did. He has no recollection of even the last few hours before the attempt, and he does not know why he did it and does feel a certain amount of shame and remorse. This makes it for me an my son a lot harder to deal with in a way because he cannot remember anything. For us, our lives have changed dramatically and will probably never be the same again.
        It’s so nice to talk to someone because it’s difficult to talk to anyone because I feel ashamed myself to tell anyone outside of the family what he did.
        Thank you Vickie. Xxx

        1. There should be no shame and no guilt on anyone’s part. A lot of people who make attempts on their lives and survive say that it was a split second decision, the biggest thing your husband can do for all of you is to join AA and tackle his addiction. There is a lot of help available and you should try to accept that it’s an illness that he can overcome with the right help. You all need to try to move forward, maybe his attempt can become a positive if it helps him to move forward and seek the help he needs? I wish all love and hope for the future, if I can help in any way I will xx

          1. Thank you Vickie

            It’s nice for someone like yourself who has been in a similar situation to talk positively and thank you for that. It could be nice to think we can all move forward from this and not live in the past. The counsellor talked about AA, and hopefully my husband will engage with that. You and your wonderful family are an inspiration and I will definitely keep up with your talks and blogs.

            Thank you so much Vickie , warmest wishes to you and your children , you must be very proud of them, I.’ll let you know how we are doing , and thanks for caring.

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