Do you ever fall out with yourself?

I fell out with myself last night 🙁

Human beings, we’re a funny lot, we get totally bent out of shape over the most trivial things.  Ok…why am I on this one?  I’m on this one because I fell out with myself last night…..big time!

Oh dear….what now?  Nothing really, tiny little things that have nothing to do with the bigger picture in my life that I allowed to get to me…..nearly…..until I gave myself a good hard slap round the head ‘Gibbs’ style.

It started with a visit to Sainsbury’s in Tile Hill, so far so good, I picked up the bits I needed and walked over to the the self checkout.  Just as the next till became available, a large lady appeared from nowhere and nicked it in front of me!  Queue jumpers are one of my niggles in life so I felt a hint of irritation rise in my stomach but I let it go.

Once in my car I started to pull out and someone drove past me at high speed, causing me to have to brake hard, another one on my list of ‘things that p**s me off’.  Having had a lot of children with no road sense or any understanding of fear, I know only too well how often kids can randomly wander into the road in a car park.  I’ve always viewed car parks as being one of the most dangerous places as far as children are concerned, so people driving at ridiculous speeds where there are so many people walking around is, for me, a complete

The feeling of irritation was increasing.  I then pulled up to the lights and another car cut in front of me causing me to have to slam on the anchors yet again.  I don’t mind admitting that by this point I was starting to feel as though they’d let them all out again but without their medication!  Everyone was out to get me!

Enter good, hard slap on the head.  I turned off my emotional brain and switched on my logical one.  Situation by situation I analysed my reaction.  The queue jumping woman WAS annoying but I made the choice to not challenge her about it as I just couldn’t be arsed.  My fault then, if I was that bothered I should have said something.

The car speeding through the car park?  Annoying again, but I had no control over the guys behaviour and no opportunity to have a go anyway.  And the car that cut me up at the lights?  Again, a stupid, dangerous driver but I had no control over his choice of driving style and it didn’t actually end in disaster.

So, logically, why was ruining my day with a sequence of silly things that I either had no control over or had made a conscious choice not to deal with?  Slap on head administered and I felt a lot better!

Reminds of the serenity poem which has seen me through a lot of situations in my life and is worth putting here as a reminder to us all.

Have a great day!!!

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