Do you know any of these time eaters???

I’ve been off the radar for a while!  For those few of you that actually care, I apologise!  For the rest of you that frankly don’t give a damn……….well, I don’t blame you!

So why have I been missing for so long?  Well, a combination of too much work, end of school year commitments and a lot of life going on!  Every day seems to bring with it some kind of issue that needs fire fighting and as Chief of the Household Fire Brigade it’s inevitably me that gets called to the rescue.  My available time is so limited that every glitch that occurs seems to eat it all up like a little ‘Time Pacman’!

Life is full of ‘time eaters’, a lot of them human!  If you let them they’ll nibble away at the edges until they’ve eaten the lot.  Watch out for them!  Others just chomp away at enormous chunks gobbling away at your life until it’s miraculously all gone.  These are easier to spot but can be a lot harder to deal with.  Then we have the ‘sponges’, the ones that just suck every ounce of life and positivity out of you so insidiously that you don’t even realise it’s happening.  BEWARE!!  They’re all around, all of them!

Just for the record I don’t include my children in this list.  It’s hassle with Vodafone, paperwork that needs doing and if you’d done it on time it wouldn’t have become the monster it now is.  One that I’m guilty of I’m afraid!  It’s the ‘friend’ you bump into in the street when you’re rushing to get somewhere who just doesn’t take the hint and is still talking to you 30 minutes later or the lovely lady in the shop that happens to be quiet who’s in the mood for a chat.

And just how rubbish are most of us at saying “Sorry….I’m in a tearing hurry”.  Is it guilt or is it actually a strategy that we quite enjoy because it keeps us from doing all the mundane crap that we are avoiding??  Good question!  I know I can be guilty of the latter although I’m aware of it and working hard to stop it.  However, most of the time I’m just too nice to tell people I haven’t got the time to stop and listen to their moans and groans.  And why is it that it inevitably is that they want a good moan about everything?

Any close friends of mine reading this, I’m not referring to you either by the way and you know who you are!

Meanwhile, I have a house full of hung over kids after the ‘Peach Party’ last night.  Eight hours of my time and 300 miles in the car and they were successfully delivered and collected from said party. 

Now what was it I was just saying about time eaters…………….?

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