Dreams v Reality…..and ladies handbags!

Ladies Handbags!

The majority of men are justifiably baffled when it comes to the subject of women’s handbags.  I can understand their bewilderment to a degree but fail to understand why they wouldn’t be able to see the logic in carrying a multitool everywhere with you?

And yes, I carry a multitool in my handbag.  Do I use it every day?  No, of course not!  But those times I have had need to use it I’ve been extremely grateful to have it to hand!  Having  it in my bag also means I know where to find one when I’m at home because as sure as eggs are eggs, when I go the household toolbox I can guarantee the right screwdriver will not be in residence.  That’s not to mention the elusive hammer and pliers etc…in which case I resort to the women’s all round household multitool….the nut crackers, best invention ever!

So, my enormous signature handbag is a must have.  The children dare not rummage through it for fear of their lives coming to an untimely end which means that anything I place value on has to be housed there, nowhere else is safe from their ‘borrowing’ ways.  

They eternally borrow everything from make-up to clothes and even resort to pinching my knickers which I feel is probably a line crossed!  Their answer when I moan about the incessant clothes borrowing?  Apparently I should be grateful that my clothes fit them….or does that have more to do with me currently displaying a will of iron as I enter week 4 of my Cambridge diet (12lbs lost to date!), diligently watching what I eat and the hours spent sweating in the gym?

Back to the handbags however.  Having just had a quick rummage through mine I am able to tell you that alongside my multitool there also resides my keys, purse, diary, phone, laptop, penknife, water bottle, passport, notebook, hairbrush, lipsticks in a variety of colours, nail varnish, correction fluid, hand cream, emergency chocolate alongside my Cambridge Weight Management meal for later (oooops!), painkillers, jewellery, business cards, pens, pencils, chewing gum etc…..  I could go on and on.  Even my manicure set is in there, not because I’m obsessed with my nails but because if I don’t keep it in my handbag it would be decimated within days.  Nothing is much more irritating for a woman than not being able to easily put your hands on a nail file when a nail is catching on everything!

Back in the days when a baby bag had to be my best friend I housed everything from my handbag in there as well, better one bag than two.  It was efficiency at it’s best and with 4 children under 4 at one point, I had to be bloody efficient!  Maybe that’s where the habit of my enormous handbag stems from?  I enviously eye up the beautiful little handbags in shops and long to own one, but if isn’t big enough for my laptop its game over.

Oh……wouldn’t it be nice?

And so, we design our lives around our needs whether we like it or not.  We drive spacious, sensible cars when we have children instead of the lovely little 2 seater we’d really like to be careering around in.  We have a lovely 3 bedroom semi in a nice area with a safe garden instead of the Urban Space Loft conversion next to the Thames that we set our hearts on when we were younger, and we forgo the 5″ stilettos and instead switch to sensible flats so that we can more easily navigate running after an elusive, runaway 2 year old. 

Life evolves and becomes operationally more complicated, until they get older, when a different set of challenges set in and eventually goes full circle when they leave home.  So you can go back to the sports car, the loft conversion and the stilettos, that’s if you have the desire and will to?  Chances are you won’t have the desire or the will, any more than I will ever be able to switch back to neat little clutch bags.

I believe I am forever doomed to carrying a sack around with me, albeit a pretty sack, as every time I empty it out in an effort to lighten the load I end up putting everything back in, all deemed indispensable!  Ho hum…….

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