Easter Egg hunts and……’Supersheep”!!!

Sheep and Easter Egg Hunts

Sadly, if you work in the hospitality industry, bank holidays don’t exist.  They are normally amongst the busiest days of the year, so you’re working!  So it is in the Mad Shanks Residence as most of the older girls are waitresses, it was for this reason that we decided Easter Sunday was to become Easter Monday!   

We actually had a full house with everyone at home so challenge number 2 was the order of the day with the Easter Egg hunt to follow.  With a ‘no holds barred’ policy in place I told the eagerly awaiting throng what the challenge was.  Enter 7 ceramic sheep for them to decorate.  Their excited faces dropped, “SHEEP!” they chorused.  “Yes” I said, “Well, Lambs actually.”

Said decorated Lambs!

I’d bought them in Hobbycraft and the enticement to buy was the price, only £1 each, along with the fact that I felt they would be a tall order to decorate imaginatively.  How wrong could I be as they started to attack the task with gusto, huge globules of paint and a glue gun!

I did the only rational thing I could do and left them to get on with it and sat in the garden getting some work done.  All was very quiet….too quiet.  I popped in on the premise of making myself a coffee wondering why the silence was so deafening only to find them all hunched over various tables beavering away.  As soon as they realised I was in the house they yelled at me not to look and ‘go away’, or words to that effect.

As the house appeared to be intact and the paint reasonably well controlled I decided this would be a good time to put the egg hunt out.  With 13 acres to play with I strolled out and decided the kids are, older, bigger and therefore more able to find some more obscurely hidden treasures and with 214 to randomly place everywhere I had my work cut out.

40 minutes later, job done and lambs done, finally!  We had fluffy sheep, sheep in goats clothing (?) and ‘Supersheep’!!  Don’t anyone ever accuse my children of having no imagination!  Judging duly took place and winners announced, on to the egg hunt!

As always, the door was opened and out poured the kids flying in every direction looking for the familiar shiny foil.  They’re so competitive they nearly knock each other over as they stampede out of the door but no serious casualties this year.  After half an hour of children scatter gunned all over the place we reconvened in the house to count how many had been found.  We were 40+ short unbelievably!

Off they went again and managed to find another 17 but that was it.  The trouble is I can never remember where I’ve put them all and in spite of endless pleas, I refuse to make a list as I go along, it would take a week to put the damn things out!
And so, once again I have images of happy squirrels sitting in trees munching on their annual feast of chocolate that we so kindly put out for them…….and please, no comments about animal ‘elf and safety!

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