I’ve discovered ebay!  What a brilliant way to sell all the stuff you don’t want.  I’ve been buying from ebay for years and generally found it to be a very positive experience apart from one or two hiccoughs, but the last time I sold something the process was so blasted complicated that I was put off from trying again.

Recently I had something to sell and the only logical place to put it was on ebay so I gritted my teeth and started the process with a huge amount of trepidation.  I had allocated an hour for it and sat down with a heavy heart.  Much to my amazement the whole thing only took 15 minutes and it was a complicated listing.  I was not only very chuffed but also inspired to start selling a huge amount of ‘stuff’ that we’ve accumulated over more years than I care to remember.

Funny…just checked and apparently I’m not allowed to sell these?

Camera at the ready!

So now I can be found, camera in hand, photographing everything in sight that has passed it’s sell by date in our lives ready for me to list them as and when I have the time.  It’s quite a cathartic process knowing that rather than send something to the charity shop or recycling, you might actually gain a little financially and someone, somewhere, does actually want it!  With a much simplified process to endure, I applaud ebay for making the changes they have so that everyone can access the ability to make a bit of extra money in these tough times.


I’ve also just bought a few essentials for a fraction of the price I would have paid in the shops.  A pair of £45 jeans for one of the girls for less than a fiver amongst others!  I now have a policy of looking on ebay before looking anywhere else, and retailers will be horrified to hear that I also do my research in store and then look on ebay and get it much cheaper.  Rubbish for the big conglomerates but great for us!  My alarm clock was nearly £100 in Curry’s, on ebay, £10 second hand and it works perfectly!  Being able to ‘see it in the flesh’ in store enabled me to know exactly which one I wanted and just wait for it appear on line.

So, if you’re not currently an ‘ebayer’, get on the site and have a look around, it’s much simpler than you might think and so worthwhile whether you’re buying or selling.  I’m a fan!!

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