Elliot Seenan…you’re a true hero!!!

Nikita’s Hero!!

Disaster struck last night!  Nikita took the train home from college but on arrival in Coventry realised she didn’t have her bus pass.  To compound the situation she also had no money on her and her phone had run out of charge!  She was literally stranded.

She did the right thing and found the Belgrade Theatre where her boyfriend was rehearsing but he wasn’t there, the rehearsal had been moved to a different venue.  By this time she was on the verge of hysteria with no way of contacting me and no means of getting home.  She explained to the lady in the box office that she was stranded and had no way of getting home and instead of offering to let her use the phone she just said “Oh I’m sorry”.  Nikita is 16 and Autistic!

The theatre was about to close which meant she had to go outside.  She sat on a bench in floods of tears made worse by a foreign man who spoke very little English coming over to her and offering her £100 for her ‘services’ and asking her to go home with him!  He hovered around for a long time by which time she was hysterical.  Because of her autism Nikita doesn’t have the tools with which to work out how to solve the problem and doesn’t have the confidence to ask someone for help.

Elliot Seenan….you’re one of the good guys!!

She sat on a bench crying her eyes out feeling desperate when a young guy walked past and caught her eye.  He kept walking but reappeared about 10 minutes later having come back to check if she was OK.  Thank goodness he did.  He offered to let her use his phone to ring me and of course by this time I was nearly hysterical with worry.  I was so relieved to hear from her and left immediately to go and collect her from the theatre.  The young man stayed with her until I arrived and rang his phone to tell her I was waiting.

Sadly I didn’t get to meet him but I did send him a message on Facebook thanking him and explaining why I was so grateful to him.  The whole family has now ‘friended’ him on Facebook and we’ve invited him over for dinner.  He must be wondering what the heck he’s got himself into!  

This story just compounds my blog from a couple of days ago about the guys and the great ‘Shanks Home Makeover’.  Elliot, the guy who rescued Nikita is only 19 but out of all the people who walked past a young girl who was obviously extremely distressed, he was the only one who took the trouble to ask if she was OK and help her out.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, let’s stop judging young people so badly based on their youth, people like Elliot are the future of this country and I wish more older people, who should know better, would behave with as much maturity as he displayed last night.

Elliot, you have the eternal thanks of the whole family.  We all know how vulnerable Nikita is and were so worried about her.  Thanks to you the story ended well but it could have been very different.  She now has emergency money hidden in her bag and an emergency phone charger in case it ever happens again and you’re not on hand to save her.

I don’t know how comfortable you are with the publicity but you deserve to be recognised for being the great guy you are.  A round of applause to you and a large Raspberry to the ticket office lady at the Belgrade!

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