Engineers Visits!

Engineers visits!!

Engineers Visits!

Why is it when you have an engineer coming out and you’ve been given a 6 hour time slot they always come at the end of the slot so you’ve waited in all morning or afternoon?  I’ve had a week of engineers….2 visits for the boiler and 1 for the tumbler dryer, thank goodness for insurance is all I can say!  The boiler alone would have cost me £1200-£1500 if I’d had to call a company out, the tumble dryer would have been £200 for a new mother board!  So glad I pay  every month to cover the whole central heating system and 5 appliances!  I’ve had 5 years money’s worth this week alone!

Nice Mr British Gas repair man!! (that’s me in the background-the blue one!)

But back to the time slots!  Sitting in a freezing cold house on Monday with absolutely no hot water either I was very grateful to be given an engineer the same day.  He’ll be there between 12-6 I was told, write today off then I thought.  Fortunately my job means I can work from home but when you can’t feel your fingers anyway and everything you do relies on typing on a keyboard it becomes a useless advantage.  I decided to do whatever I could instead and pottered around praying that he would soon arrive.

He eventually turned up at 5.30…..typical.  However, I was extremely grateful to see him expecting to have heating and hot water by the time he left.  Not to be!  When I showed him where the boiler was, water was pouring out of the bottom which hadn’t been happening earlier in the day when I was attempting fruitlessly to get the damn thing going.  He gave one of those sharp intakes of breath that we are all familiar with when the signs aren’t too good and the bill is about to skyrocket!  Once again I said a silent prayer to the almighty God of all insurance.  

On taking the damn thing apart he showed me where the burners had corroded away to almost nothing.  “I’ve never seen anything like this before on one of these boilers” he mused, we’re used to hearing that round here, everything in my house seems to be peculiar! It was a miracle it had been working at all he muttered under his breath.  “Big job this” he announced.  I could sense the next sentence was going to be “I’ll have to order the parts.  They’ll be here next week”.  Fortunately, they apparently carry stocks of spares for my boiler as it’s a very popular model, he would be back the next morning he told me.

A cold night and stinky people was the order of the day with no showers available until it was fixed.  I comforted myself with the fact it was only a day.  He’s given a smaller time slot of 10-12.  Great, I thought, he might just arrive at 10?  I had to take Pippa and Osborn to Birmingham Children’s Hospital early that afternoon so time was tight.  Sure enough however, he arrived at 11.30.  I had to collect the children from school half an hour away and then drive the 40 minutes to the hospital so I couldn’t hang around.  I listened to I’m clanging around with the boiler as long as I could and then announced that I was going to have to go and leave him with Lorie and Mirie but not before he tried to turn the boiler on and found the gas pressure was too low.  Not another day I groaned!  Then I remembered there was another tap for the gas in the spare room which Lorie had been clearing and took to look.  Sure enough the tap had been turned almost off as the clutter had been removed.

I left him feeling a little more confident that all would be fixed the same day keeping my freezing fingers tightly crossed!  The twins confirmed a little later that, sure enough, the heating was working and they were queuing for the shower!

Thursday was tumble dryer day.  Once again my 12-6 time slot kept me at home but at least I could type!  This one finally turned up at 4.30 and proceeded to take the machine to pieces to try and work out what was wrong.  Once again I heard that familiar quote “I’ve never seen anything like this before!”.  A mouse had crawled in through the vent hole at the back and made a nest which had blocked the outlet!  The burning smell and smoke that had made us suspect that all was not well was the fibre caught in the outlet that she’d made the nest from!  Only in the ‘Shanks’ house!

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