Eurovision Song Contest….of course!!!


Oh come on……what did you expect?  How could I possibly not comment today on the bizarre spectacle that was, once again, the Eurovision Song Contest?  How could I not remark on the circular pianos, trampolining acrobats, large breasted milk maids, pyrotechnics, swimming pools and the winner?

Well….tough….I’m going to anyway!  Anyone who missed it, I totally understand why.  The British are not keen Eurovisioners whilst the rest of the Union seem to take it very seriously indeed.  Anyone else remember the Sandie Shaw, Cliff Richard days?  It seemed much more important to us back then and it really was actually about the songs as well.

The first ‘twist’ I remember on Eurovision was Bucks Fizz ripping skirts off the female members of the group, if I remember rightly it was regarded as quite ‘risqué’ back then?  But since those halcyon days the whole thing seems to have become less about the music and far more about catching the viewers eye, to the point where last night I was almost oblivious to the songs, whilst mesmerised by the peculiar goings on.

I was already wondering what I was watching when a huge pair of boobs filled the screen!  I’d been gainfully employed elsewhere and looked up at just the precise moment they appeared.  I thought Osborn had switched channels whilst I wasn’t looking until I saw the ‘ladies’ singing about…….errr…..well, I’m not too sure,I  was still reeling from the two foot boobs that had materialised from nowhere.

With every new act I wondered what was coming next and mused on how some of them had ever managed to make it to the stage in the first place?  Whoever decided France should be included and Latvia not is a mystery to me.  Whilst the Latvian song was slightly strange, at least it was catchy!

And so, on to the winner, Conchita Wurst.  A very controversial entry by all accounts and it certainly took me aback when ‘she’ came on stage.  I’d not seen any of the hype leading up to the contest about countries trying to get her banned etc….so was genuinely puzzled when  I saw her and to be perfectly honest, didn’t hear a single word of the lyrics as she was singing.  I did, however, remember thinking it was a powerful song and she had a good voice, good on her.

On hearing the song for the second tome at the end I ‘clicked’.  By this time I was determined to work out what was behind her appearance and understand the ‘why’.  It all slotted into place although I was still assuming she was trans gender.  On researching this morning I now know she’s a drag queen, with a slight difference maybe?  She wants to change our outdated and narrow thinking on the subject of people who are ‘different’.  Those of you who know me well will be all too well aware of how I feel on that one!

I champion people on the autistic spectrum, who are, definitely different.  Acceptance of who we are and how we choose to live is close to my heart and so I applaud Conchita.  Apart from being a talented person, she has also had the strength of character to bare herself to the world as the person she wants to be and not be the usual ‘sheep’, conforming in order to fit in.

So, I confess, whilst at first I was very unsure about her, I now wish to congratulate her on her win last night.  She deserved it.  Good song, great singer and someone with a cause they believe in enough to lay themselves on the line and take all of the flack that has been coming her way for a long time now.

I, for one, believe she was the worthy winner and am delighted that the general public across Europe decided to vote for talent rather than misconceptions and bigotry.  She can now stand tall as an icon for those who are ‘different’ and just want to be accepted for who they are.

I’m glad I watched it now!

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