Even more more explosive stuff at ‘The Mad Shanks Residence’!

Nikita starts college

Today Nikita enrolled at college, a huge step for her.  She’s doing the Performing Arts course and is very excited about starting but at the same time obviously very nervous which is completely natural.  Having been at special school for the last five years this is a huge step with so many people and an enormous college to find her way around.  I wish her the very best of luck and hope it works out for her.

Meanwhile back at the ranch

Once we got back Osborn asked me the sort of question he asks frequently that sends a ricochet of terror throughout my entire body.  “Is there anything I want blowing up?” he asked casually.  “WHAT???” was my immediate response!  He then went on to ask if he could make some plastic explosive?  “NO” came the firm reply from me.  Osborn does not have a good track record with fire so the thought of him advancing to explosives was about as daunting as it could get!

He’s now been asking for coffee filters and funnels but won’t tell me why.  I have a sneaking suspicion that he’s found something on line and is trying it out…..god help us all.  I’m keeping him under close supervision after he offered to ‘blow up’ the remains of a stable that was destroyed a few years ago by hurricane type winds. 

My house later tonight???

Recurring theme

Osborn and fire is a recurring theme in our lives with him nearly setting fire to the entire house a few months ago and then a (thankfully) failed attempt at blowing himself with a full petrol can quite recently.  That particular occasion was made even more fraught as he was surrounded at the time by about 10 other people.  He has the usual male fascination with fire which is exacerbated by his autistic curiosity to constantly ‘see what would happen if…’.  No wonder I’m completely demented!  If I catch him weeing into receptacles in order to make saltpetre I will kill him!

Can’t stay long today, I have a 14 year old son to keep an eye on before I find more than just a pile of bricks exploding into a million pieces.  We may not live in a mansion but we call it home and I’d quite like to keep it that way!!

PS  He’s just come clean and admitted that he’s using BBQ lighter gel, petrol and salt water??  He’s been told in no uncertain terms to ‘pack it in’!!

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