Ever had one of those ‘silly little things’ that turn your life upside down?

Flat Tyres 

Most of us have encountered that moment, the one where you jump into your trusty chariot, drive 50 yards down the road and hear THAT noise.  The one that alerts you immediately to the fact that something is very wrong and a split second later your brain crashes into gear and tells you that you have a flat.

Yeah….that moment!

Very soon after this comes the annoying realisation that the next few hours are not going to ensue the way you envisioned.   Brain having gone into overdrive, I was trying to work out how to get Osborn to Explorers and collect him after and how I was going to be in Coventry at 11 that night to pick up Nikita and Janeks from the railway station?

I turned around and limped home pondering the imminent task of changing the wheel.  Having never attempted such a thing in my current car I had no idea where the spare was even located!  I could sense a ‘fun’ evening coming up.  

Meanwhile, I borrowed Kacie’s car and managed to get Osborn to Explorers without being too late.  On my return home I quickly realised that it was now far too dark to start searching for spare wheels, no street lights where we live.

Fortunately, Kacie volunteered to round up everyone still not home which left me clear to ponder the tyre.  I didn’t even know if the spare was useable having never laid eyes on it and so the challenge deepened.  One for the morning I decided.

On rising I realised (DOH!) that Jamie’s lovely boyfriend is an engineer at Jaguar, if he couldn’t change it easily then no-one could!  I sent him a creeping text message declaring my undying love for him and begged him to see if he could manage to fit the deed into his day.  Fortunately he was happy to assist and he and Stuart duly arrived later that morning.

Even 2 genius Jaguar engineers struggled to work out how to release the spare and needed the assistance of the manual so I would have had no chance!  A cup of tea and half an hour later the spare wheel was finally in place, only one slight hitch, it’s one of those silly space saving bicycle wheels!  An immediate visit to the garage was called for and so the rest of my day instantly went ‘pear shaped’ as well.

Car booked in and tyre eventually returned to being one that could cope with speeds greater than 30mph, I headed home contemplating how such a tiny, simple little thing could cause so much chaos?  Also, thank goodness for the girls all having big, burly boyfriends who are so willing to help me out!  

A massive ‘thank you’ to Ben and Stuart for saving my butt and coming round so quickly to help, I really am forever grateful.

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