Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to read this !!

It’s not often you will hear me ‘rave’ about a new product but I really have no self control at the moment having discovered something that is going to transform some of the most irritating jobs I ever have to do !  Life changing….no….frustration alleviating and endlessly useful ?…..YES !!!

It’s called the Bagmate which is probably the most literal name it could have been given !  However, the name is extremely appropriate !

Right…picture the scene…..  I’m currently in the process of changing the liner in the pond which is leaking.  Not the easiest of tasks when it’s overgrown, unruly and with a huge mound of mud at one end which is where the rockery was situated.  I’ve been working on moving the soil with Osborn via a somewhat tedious route of spading it into a wheelbarrow and then tipping it in a discreet corner miles away from where it has all got to be, eventually, transported back to !  To say that it’s something I’ve been procrastinating about doing doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings on the subject.  I could, of course, have just put a tarpaulin on the grass and shovelled all the soil onto that but not wanting the grass to die beneath it I decided against it !

Plan B ( which we did try ) was to put the soil into sturdy bags and line them up on the patio.

Now picture this scene !  I tried at first on my own.  Big mistake !  I had sturdy bin liner by my side and shovel in hand.  Dug deep, big pile of soil now on shovel, turn to bag and empty contents of shovel into bag.  Errrrrrr…..no actually.  Said bag crumpled at the top and the soil ended up all over the grass exactly where I didn’t want it !

Plan B/1 Enlist help of another occupant of the house to hold bin bag open !  Problem solved but it’s now a two man job and with only two hands the helper can only hold the bag open so far so 50% of the soil is still ending up on the grass !

Plan C  Give up !  No…..I don’t do giving up, it’s not in my nature !

Plan D  A friend popped round to give me a Bagmate.  I looked at it….at first glance not terribly impressive…..He then popped said Bagmate into the bag and there before my eyes was a freestanding bin !  I got excited…immediately I could see the pond problem solved.  Use Bagmate, fill bags with soil and line up on patio near to pond ready to go back when needed !

Sorted !!!  The job is now an easy one man job which will take about an hour instead of the whole day I was anticipating !  Another bonus is that once the soil is in the bag you can get twice as much in the wheelbarrow, I’m liking this !

My brain is now in overdrive !  Picture this scene….  Kitchen bin is full, decide to change liner and put rubbish into wheelie bin.  Whenever anyone attempts this job the following ALWAYS ensues.

Take lid off bin ( so far so good ), gather bin liner with both hands and pull, lift both liner and bin off the floor due to the vacuum created by full liner, pull  harder and attempt to use knee to hold bin down whilst still yanking on liner, try to gather as much ripped liner together as possible to enable it to still be held, use upper legs to try to prevent rubbish spilling on floor, scream “HELP….GET ME ANOTHER BIN LINER” to anyone near enough to hear !!!

I’ve played this game thousands of times and I don’t enjoy it !  I’m now trialling the Bagmate as a kitchen bin.  It has no lid but that’s not the end of the world, at least changing the liner is now a one man job again.  When bin is full simply take out Bagmate and tie up top of bag.  Simples !!!!

I don’t care whether you are mucking out stables, clearing cupboards, weeding or moving gravel….you need a Bagmate !!!

They say the simplest things are normally the best.  This is simple in the extreme but essential ?   Oh yes……definitely  !!

See it at www.thebagmate.com

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