Extreme Pilates!

How NOT to get fit!

I’m guessing it could only happen to me although I’d love to hear some similar stories just so I don’t feel like such an idiot!  I’m under doctors orders to get in the gym and train at least 3 times a week, so far so good.  I duly booked myself into a Pilates class as his instructions were that as well as gym work I should be doing plenty of Pilates and Yoga, I find Yoga a bit slow so felt I should make my first session something a little more active, and having been an avid Pilates fan for many years, I knew I would like it.

Off I toddled, got ready, walked in, got my gear ready and the class started.  Now any of you out there who think Pilates is easy, I’ve got news for you, it isn’t, well, at least it isn’t easy unless you do the easiest version of every exercise.  Pilates classes tend to have every exercise in three different formats, the very easy, slightly harder and most difficult, me being me I always go for the hardest version as I can manage to do it.  I’ve been a gym bunny most of my life and thanks to that I’ve retained a lot of my strength and flexibility, so, in spite of not training properly for a long time I’m actually still quite fit.

It was a bit like this but with both legs and arms off the ground.  Don’t try this at home!!

We settled into the class and I was managing to do the hardest of each of the moves and feeling pretty chuffed with myself.  Towards the end of the session we were lying on our sides with a small ball tucked under our waists lifting first one leg and then the other to meet the first and then reversing the process.  Good exercise and I was really feeling it until I suddenly felt a huge ‘crack’ and intense pain hurtle through my chest.  Once the panic of wondering if I was having a heart attack wore off and all that remained was excruciating pain I decided that I’d either torn a muscle or possibly even cracked a rib!

Cracking a rib in Pilates?  Surely not!  It’s so gentle everyone said to me, it’s not possible everyone said to me and yet a trip to the doctor the next day confirmed that I had, indeed, broken a rib.  No point in x-rays, they can’t do anything about it anyway so I was left to my own very tentative devices for the 6 weeks it would take to heal.  Heal it has, thank goodness and I’m now fit enough to start again.

Having had the Mickey taken out of me for 6 weeks I decided once I was fit that I would demonstrate the move that had caused it.  Surprise, surprise!  Everyone who tried it wasn’t able to do it, “Too hard”, they said, “How on earth is anyone able to do that” they said.  “I rest my case” I said!!

They got the point!

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