Failure isn’t falling, it’s not getting back up again….

I’m going to let you into a secret, deep down I’m one of those people who would love to live in a world of rainbows, fairies, seahorses and unicorns!   It wouldn’t be for everyone but here is my idea of a perfect world…

….and this is what I’ve got!

Now, don’t get me wrong, Lorie asleep in her Unicorn onesie that I bought her for Christmas is wonderful and very endearing, and I love Bear very much indeed and he does do a passable impression of a Unicorn, for a dog.

But you can see the difference, huh?  It’s not quite the same as my fantasy world is it?

It’s sad that we can’t all live in a happy world of unicorns, fairies etc….but this is real life and sometimes it sucks!  The last year for the Shanks family has been one of incredible highs and desperate lows, it’s all very confusing.  The film being launched, winning a major award and being nominated for a BIFA and now a BAFTA was beyond our wildest dreams at the time of filming, and the film receiving such an incredible response from the audience on Netflix is simply amazing.

On the other hand, me having a heart attack, the children’s grandmother passing away and  various other rubbish events have had us all on a rollercoaster of emotions from which we’re all still recovering!

But that’s life isn’t it?  Highs and lows…the trick is managing to ride them well enough to be able to get through to the next rainbow on the horizon.  Oh yes, and keep searching for Unicorns, they’re out there somewhere!


One thought on “Failure isn’t falling, it’s not getting back up again….

  1. First of all I want to give you all allot of credit and that seems small. My father struggled with what I feel your husband/ father did. I believe my son is also suffering from the same. After being in the Airforce, he seemed to be lost. I try to help, but the more I talk the future a way he gets. A year after my father died my little brother died due to my 14 year old brother was playing with a gun. My memory is damaged. I have a solid chance at a singing career but can’t seem to hold on to lyrics. Anyway, please know that you story hit me very hard and is a reason to give me strength. I hope your all doing better. I will think of you everyday to help me to get up and out of bed to be a better person for a better life. Sincerely Lisa Marie

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