Family Pow Wow’s and weird things !!!

We came into the Almanack last night, a Gastro Pub in Kenilworth where I come to do all of my writing !  My favourite table, a lovely Latte and I’m set to work !  I’d already spent about four hours here earlier in the day preparing for my meeting tomorrow with Jacky, The Consultant Clinical Psychologist working with me on the autism book. Then I came back with the entire ‘gang’ !  Not often we all manage to be in the same place at the same time these days so it’s always good to have some time together.

As rent a crowd we do pretty well and Thom Kirkpatrick was playing, the 21st Century One Man Band who is absolutely brilliant !  If you live nearby it’s always worth coming to see him, he’s a fantastic performer.  Great for all eight of us to be in the same place at the same time but such a shame that Lorie felt too ill to enjoy it and had to leave early.  As family ‘Pow Wows’ go though it was a good evening !!

Osborn has a brain that is full to overflowing with mysterious facts and figures which he quotes ad infinitum at the most random times.  We all love him for this….it’s like living with a walking, talking encyclopaedia !  We never question his little gems either, we’ve learnt not to bother.  If Osborn says it is so then you can guarantee that a Google search will confirm it !!!

Yesterday he randomly informed us all that there are more atoms in our eyeballs than there are stars in the Universe !!  Why does he know this ?  A few days ago he was telling us something about all of the space being taken out of every atom in every human being and if it was all squished together it would be the size of a tennis ball ( or something like that ! ).

Totally random but absolutely intriguing !  Everyone in the house would love to spend just one day inside his brain and see exactly how it works because I’m sure as hell we all can’t work it out !

As if Osborn’s tireless string of weird and wonderful facts wasn’t enough, this morning I was up extra early and in the bath preparing for a ridiculously busy day when  Nikita walked in rubbing her eyes.  She’d had a dream and decided we needed to know all of the intricate details ( Pippa had joined me !…..the role of mother obviously includes sharing all of the most private moments in the loo with your kids because I normally end up with everyone joining me…no peace anywhere !!! ).

She proceeded to tell us that the dream was all about clearing tables in McDonalds because she felt like doing it and then going to the loo.  The loos were laid out like school tables with no doors and just holes in the tables to pee into !  We listened fascinated and then she announced that that wasn’t the weird part about it !  Pippa and I in unison cried ‘that’s not weird enough ??!!’.  She went on to tell us that a child then came in who was lost and how she went wandering around town looking for the child’s mother…..I think at this point my brain must have switched into a different mode as I can’t remember the end of the story ?! 

I feel suitably guilty for allowing my concentration to waver but in a life that is a constancy of the bizarre I really can’t help it sometimes ! 

Am I to be forgiven ?  PLEASE ???!!

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