Finally Ravelled!


So…I’ve been holed up for a couple of weeks as Lynne and I get the first book finished and into Andrew, our agent.  This morning finally saw it winging it’s way to his office in it’s completed form and we can now breathe…….briefly.  Just the small(!) matter of the sequel to put together now, or at least the outline for the editors.

How do I feel?  Elated, excited, accomplished…..?  Yes, all of these, but also nervous, humbled and more than a little, well, frightened really.  Why frightened?  Because I’ve laid my life bare in a book that all the world will have access to now that we have the magic of the internet.  It is all a little bit scary!

Why write a book then if it’s scary?  Because I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, an awful lot, and it’s so easy to look back now and be able to see with fabulous 20/20 vision exactly where I went wrong.  At the time however, I was as blind as a bat!  Writing a book about it all means that maybe, just maybe, someone will read it and re-consider their life path and save themselves some pain along the way?  Just….maybe?

And I do hope so.  My story is by no means a total one off, or is it?  Everyone’s life is a one off, we’re all unique and have different ways of living and expressing ourselves so inevitably, everyone has a story if we only take the time to listen to it.  

That’s what I love doing best.  I would rather hear your story than blather on about me, but if you write a memoir, it does, by it’s very nature, have to be all about you.  I believe though that every person should write their life story, leave it as a legacy to the next generation and all of the ones beyond as a fabulous testament, not only to your life, but as a historical gem about life as it is now.

How I would love to have a couple of thousand words written by my mother who died when I was in my teens, how many less questions would I have now as a result?  So, on that level, I’m glad I’ve done it.  Whether it will well received by the public is yet to be known, answers on an anonymous postcard please!

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