Fish can’t climb trees!

Osborn and Janeks

An interesting combination these two!  Osborn the archetypal, geeky, all knowing scientist and Janeks, the arty farty, head in the clouds actor.  Conversations between the two of them can be ferocious in their individual defence regarding their corner or just downright hilarious.

Hmmm…..we all have our strengths!!!!

I derive a huge amount of joy from their conversations as they are such polar opposites and listening to them battling to get their own individual point across is an interesting process.  Both of them are as stubborn as Mules so it’s the proverbial immovable object and irresistible force, no matter what they’re debating, include one of their specialist subjects and it’s all out war.

Last night was one such occasion as I picked Osborn up from Explorers and then Nikita and Janeks from the bus stop.  Both Nikita and Janeks are currently learning to drive and are therefore into ‘all things car’, both the rules of the road and the workings of a car.  

The whole thing was started by Osborn demanding I turn my Sat Nav off as I didn’t need it and it was wasting energy, point taken, I turned it off.  This led to Janeks questioning how a car battery charges and did a car need electricity in order to run?  Why didn’t the battery run out?  Etc…etc…

Enter Osborn, the king of science to answer those questions and much, much more.  As family members, the girls and I gave up Googling Osborn’s answers to scientific questions years ago…..he was always right!  However, Janeks has yet to learn this…..

The debate started as Janeks made the critical error of trying to advise Osborn on various matters pertaining to Physics, insisting that Maths and Physics were the same.  You might as well have volunteered that art and chemistry were the same thing, yes, there are common features but they are definitely NOT the same!

The tirade that subsequently poured from Osborn’s mouth was tantamount to a volcanic eruption!  I listened, fascinated by the ensuing conversation/argument which was topped off, much to my delight, with Janeks asking “What is Physics?”.

Now, my regular readers will know that Janeks is Latvian and as English is his 4th language we give him a lot of leeway with understanding things that can be lost in translation, this one did, however, really tickle me and only served to highlight to extreme difference in the way the 2 boys minds work.

As I stifled a fit of the giggles the irony of the whole conversation wasn’t lost on me either and once I had the giggles under sufficient control I did suggest to both of them that they stick to their own particular areas of expertise.

Osborn will be and already is a brilliant scientist and mathematician, Janeks is an incredibly talented actor and a master of his craft after years of meticulous study.  They are both geniuses at their own particular speciality but idiots when it comes to each others areas.  They need to accept this fact and stop trying to encroach on each others territory.

Albert Einstein’s saying about fish climbing trees springs to mind………………………

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