For Lee Rigby and Comrades….

I can’t seem to get the incident in Woolwich out of my head?  I even dreamt ( more like a nightmare ) about it last night.  I feel so desperately for not only his family but also all of his comrades in arms.  This was an innocent man who had given his life up in order to protect all of us who have the incredible privilege of living in a free country because of men and women like Lee. 

He leaves behind his partner and his young child as well as the rest of his family and friends because of a ruthless, needless and malicious attack in the name of religion?  No God of any faith would ask his believers to engage in acts of this kind, how warped must a mind be to commit such terrible atrocities against their fellow man.

How must every other member of our Armed Forces be feeling right now?  How are they dealing with such a tragic act against one of their own, against someone who was so selflessly giving of themselves to Queen and Country?  It could have been any one of them and every single one has to live with the reality that ‘there but for the grace of God go I’.

They face danger every day in their chosen career, it’s part of the job, but not in the course of their daily lives.  Those hours are sacrosanct, time when they can live their lives without the constant cloud of possible death hanging over them.  I guess those precious ‘safe’ hours are no more for everyone in the forces?

I’m agnostic but I ‘pray’ for enlightenment amongst the extremists in this world who will randomly continue to commit these terrible acts in the name of their God.

Please keep these wonderful people safe in their own country where they deserve to be as free as the rest of us.

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