For teachers everywhere..this will give you a glimmer of hope !!

Firstly I would like to join with everyone in condemning the slaughter of a good man yesterday.  A man who was serving his country in the most selfless way possible.  I come from a military family and I can only hope to guess at how his family and friends must be feeling today.  We must stand together against attacks such as this and show strength that we will not be cowed by these extremists.  I’m sure it’s what the victim would have wanted.

~ Gill x

Onto other things.  I hope teachers everywhere will read this, in fact, I would like every teacher in the country to read it to give them hope and the strength to carry on in what must seem like a thankless task at times.

Kacie hated Maths but she hated her Maths teacher even more !  His name was Mr Rafferty at Kenilworth School and Sports College and he was on her back constantly for two years.  She didn’t like this.  In fact she could see no reason why she would ever need Maths, she wanted to be a Fashion Designer so why would she need Maths ?  I did point out to her that she would need to make numerous calculations in order to design a dress, calculate how much fabric would be needed and cost the whole project out !

Kacie is very stubborn and refused to acknowledge that a good grasp of Mathematics would be a huge asset in her life.  Meanwhile, Mr Rafferty was to blame for EVERYTHING that went wrong in her life !  He was putting her under too much pressure so she couldn’t concentrate, her made her go to extra Maths lessons at lunchtime and after school etc…etc..

If she could have ‘beamed’ Mr Rafferty onto another planet she happily would have done it and ridded the world of this vile creature !  Fortunately the technology wasn’t available to her so My Rafferty stayed right where he was, pushing and irritating her to the limit !

She had been predicted a ‘D’ at the start of year 10 which was not brilliant.  Mr Rafferty however, had huge faith in Kacie’s abilities and believed that she could push her grade up to a ‘C’ if she put enough effort in.  I agreed with him so I supported Mr Rafferty every time she moaned. 

At the end of her Maths exam she heaved a huge sigh of relief that Mr Rafferty was out her life forever !!  She was ecstatic !

In time the GCSE results came through and we duly went to the school on the allocated day and picked up the envelope.  She ripped it open and read her grades.  She’d done very well in every subject but particularly well in one…..Maths…..she had obtained not a ‘C’ but a ‘B’ !!

She was absolutely gobsmacked and immediately felt incredibly guilty about the venom she had projected onto him.  We had tears, she was extremely remorseful and then she did the sweetest thing possible.  She sent him a card thanking him for pushing her to the limit as without it she wouldn’t have obtained such a brilliant grade.

He was touched….I don’t think teachers very often get any feedback from year 11 students.  They vanish into the mist of their adult lives never to be seen or heard of again.

I tell this story to let teachers everywhere know that there are many students out there who eventually are so grateful to you for pushing them and squeezing the very best out of them.  You may not hear them say it but, trust me, I know from having so many children…they really appreciate your efforts.  Maybe not at the time, but at some point in the future they will look back and remember you with great fondness.

I wish you all received greater recognition for your efforts and my thoughts are with you, especially at this time of year when you are all under so much pressure !

Please, please, please…..keep up the fabulous work you do !!

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