The saying goes that friends are the family we choose and I believe that’s accurate, I also believe that some friendships are just meant to be.  We meet people constantly in our lives so why do we attach ourselves to the odd one and not everyone?

It has to be deeper than just one common interest otherwise our friendship groups would be vast!  So what is it that draws us together?  What is it that makes one person stand out from the crowd that causes us to seek out their company?  And it doesn’t happen often either.


Through my life I’ve pretty much managed to get along with practically everyone I’ve met, the odd one has proved to be a non-starter, but very few.  But in spite of being able to get on with everyone I actually have a very small friendship group, those that I call true friends.

They are the ones who’s company I deliberately seek out, take time to be with, will drive miles in order to spend time with them and who I would do anything for and vice versa.  These are people I love very deeply and without whom my life would be very much the poorer, people I regard as closely as family.

I saw 2 of these people yesterday and I have to say that my life feels richer today for the precious time they afforded me and the words we exchanged.  They are people I ‘stumbled across’ a few years ago, lost touch with but felt drawn back to and instigated a renewed friendship, I’m so glad I did.  I have no idea why I made the effort to track them down again, I just felt I had to, it was a sixth sense kind of event.

Another couple I ‘stumbled upon’ I met at an event, we had won awards which gave us common ground to have an initial conversation.  We kept in contact on Twitter but over time we crossed paths again and I felt that ‘pull’, that inner gut feeling that I wanted to know them better.  And we have become friends, I adore them both and time spent with them is little, but precious.  I always feel uplifted when I know I am going to be in their company and treasure it as though it were priceless.

Vicki is another of those friends who’s time I seek out and who I hold dear as a friend and I treasure the time we spend together.  She has seen me through thick and thin and the reality is that I can never repay her kindness over the many years we’ve known each other.

There are others of course, not mentioned here but no less valuable in my life and I also count my beautiful children amongst my small group of friends, we are always there for each other and their love has carried me through many a tough time.

So this is dedicated to all of those people in my life that mean so much to me.  To Mol and Leslie, Todd and Jo, Vicki, my children and all of the others not named… know who you are.

I love you all and thank you so much for being a part of my life.

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