Fuzzy Head……..

Today’s blog feels a little blurry !  I went out last night with a friend for my first social outing for months !!  Had a great time, drank a little too much although not that much too much !  No hangover, just a kind of feeling of not quite being here ?

If I waffle…then that’s my excuse ! 

Most of the kids are better now apart from Lorie who is still very ill and now it looks as though Pippa may be going down with it. I had to cancel her appointment with the Orthotist to get her new splints cast which really upset me.  She’s grown out of her old ones and desperately needs them as they do make her more stable when she walks.  Now another six weeks before we can get another appointment which is really not good as she should wear them all the time. 

So anyway…that makes six  with the dreaded lurgy !  Am I justified in feeling that I’d quite like this week to end ?

I was hoping to get in the garden for a bit this weekend but I think it’s going to be too cold.  I’m very much a fair weather gardener….15 or above otherwise I’m not going out but it badly needs to be done !!  We’ll see……

The pond is gradually getting ripped out but suddenly the frogs have decided to arrive….late !  We now have a pond full of frog spawn so we’re probably going to have to wait for them to turn into frogs before we can take everything out of the water and change the liner which has a puncture in it !!  Best laid plans and all of that !!

Off to see how sick children are so brief today, but then maybe some of you are grateful of that !!!!! 🙂

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