Gadgets….the good, the bad and the ugly!


Hmmm…..I have a kitchen full of them which all get used rather sporadically and obviously some more than others.  There’s the inevitable multitool that cores, slices, peels, digs eyes out of potatoes and turns apples into spirals.  I’ve tried in vain to get the blasted thing to wash the dishes as well but it just won’t cooperate!  It sits in the drawer alongside the mesh tea thing, the spoon with holes in to get olives etc…out of jars and the honey dipper, all nestled in the back of the kitchen drawer never to see the light of day ever again.

Yes….sadly I do have one of these!

So, do any of these weird and wonderful things actually work?  I think the answer is, yes, they do, but is it easier to forage for the right tool or just grab the nearest fork?  We all know the answer to that one.  

What about the high tech gadgets then?  I will confess here and now that I am something of a gadget freak, falling for whatever new fangled device is going to supposedly make my life easier, healthier, save time or just provide some temporary amusement, and ebay is the greatest source of said items.

Someone else’s ‘good idea turned bad’ frequently becomes my uber cheap opportunity to try it for myself!  I’m currently dehydrating food for England with huge success after coring, peeling and slicing the apples and pears with another of my ebay finds.  My Nutribullet provides my morning ultra healthy fruit, veg and nut smoothie and my trusty soup maker goes into overdrive as soon as winter arrives.

My Mandolin is used a lot but with great caution as I spent a sunny afternoon a couple of years ago sitting in A&E with a huge slice missing from my little finger after being cocky about not using the guard whilst slicing cucumber……lesson learnt.  Even the doctors couldn’t stem the bleeding and 3 hours after the injury first occurred were scratching their heads wondering what else to try.  The third application of the miracle stuff that stops bleeding finally did the trick but I still have a hole in my finger.  Great tool, just bloody dangerous if you’re a complete idiot like me!

Not so good….

These are some of my ‘good’ gadgets.  Sitting on the kitchen shelf is the food processor that has been gathering dust for years alongside the potato peeler and herb chopper.  The slow cooker gets dusted off from time to time and every time I use it I realise that it’s actually one of my better gadgets that I should use much more often.  The bread maker that was once used so often has been relegated to the top shelf which is a sure sign that it’s days are numbered along with the ice-cream maker, waffle maker and muffin machine.  All seemingly good ideas at the time until you come to use the wretched thing and realise that the old fashioned way is not only better but much easier as well.

The coffee machine that was going to save me a fortune at Costa lies dormant in the corner next to the kettle as instant coffee is so much quicker to make and I actually don’t spend a fortune in coffee shops anyway.  Mirie is the only one who actually knows how to work the damn thing and she’s never around on the odd occasion I feel like a ‘real’ coffee at home, I’m not even sure if the damn thing even works any more.  I can see it moving to top shelf anytime soon.

So, maybe it’s time I started to re-home my own, older gadget disasters on ebay in order to make room for the newer ones.  Will the dehydrator still be in use in 3 months time?  I hope so, it’s actually really good, just takes so long to prepare everything to go into it, so as long as I can continue to enlist Osborn’s help (which is probably as long as his fascination with the turny handle, apple corer thing lasts) I will continue to use it.

As always with time saving devices and healthy food thingy’s, it’s the time it takes to use them that makes them somewhat redundant.  Unless you have nothing better to do than peel mushrooms and iron tea towels.

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