‘Genius City’

OK……we’re back to bizarre conversations today!  Mind you, every conversation in our house is bizarre in it’s own way so really it’s not something I take much notice of any more but sometimes I tune in and love what I’m hearing!

Yesterday afternoon was a rare occurrence, the only people at home were myself, Osborn and Mirie.  Now Osborn and Mirie are often a comical combination so as we were gathered in the sitting room a dialogue began between the two of them about school.  Nothing odd about that.  However, when the conversation turned to days of the week it did take on a whole new feel!

First up was Osborn observing the fact that whilst at primary school some of the teachers would say that Monday was the first day of the week and others would insist that Sunday was the first day.  Osborn’s views on this were expressed with his usual passion as he argued that if Sunday was the first day of the week then why were Saturday and Sunday referred to as the ‘weekEND’.  If Sunday was the fist day of the week then it should be called the ‘weekSTART’!  And anyway, if Sunday was the first day of the week it would mean that Friday and Saturday would have to be the weekend.

I could see his point and the three of us were all in agreement on this one.  He then asked me what colour Sunday was?  WHAT?  I asked him what he meant at which point Lorie walked in.  He asked her if the days of the week were colours to her and she concurred that yes they definitely were. I then asked them both to independently write down what colour each day was.  They were both totally different.

He then moved on to numbers and asked me what colour and shape numbers are to me?  Again I was stumped.  I don’t see numbers as anything other than numbers I told him.  He and Lorie then wrote down how they both see numbers.  Again they were totally different but they do indeed agree that in their heads they have assigned different colours and shapes to a lot of things. This probably accounts for why Osborn can remember Pi to 165 places although what his motivation for doing so is, frankly, beyond me!  Pippa and Nikita on their return from their various jaunts also agreed with them that they see a lot of different things in their heads in very different ways.

Fascinating!  I’m now going to conduct a whole load of research on my kids to take all of this a step further especially since Osborn told me this morning that when he speaks or listens to someone talking he sees the words like an autocue in his head scrolling across his brain.

I find all of this fascinating, autistic people really do have the upper hand on us ‘neurotypicals’ with the way their brains work.  The conversation with Osborn was followed with a conversation with Pippa about splitting atoms and how they must have done it.  It’s like living in ‘genius city’ sometimes!

I do love my kids and all of their little idiosyncrasies, they are an endless source of fun, conversation and I learn from them constantly.  How fantastic is that?

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