Going in the Opposite Direction

It’s that time of year when Britain’s Got Talent takes over our lives for a week!  Saturday evening is our ‘family TV time’ so all who happen to be present are glued to either BGT or The Voice!  The rest of the week I don’t watch TV at all, I work until I go to bed so Saturday is precious.  We’re seriously lost without X-Factor etc…as there is nothing else to grab our attention so it normally becomes ‘film night’.

It’s not as sad as it sounds.  We all get very excited, heated debates rage over who should win and we come together as a family over a common interest.  After 30+ years in the entertainment business I am genuinely interested to see what talent is out there and happily critique every act positively or negatively.  I normally agree with Simon Cowell, although last night there were a couple of exceptions….rare though!

We thoroughly enjoy ourselves, everyone in our house is a strong personality so we all have our own very strong views on every act.  The ensuing debates are both healthy and educational, they’re going have to learn to fight their corner in real life so where better to cut their teeth than at home.  After all, there are enough of us to create a good debate, one of the upsides of being part of a large family!

Last night there were huge disputes about which acts should go through.  Predominantly they were all good ( a couple that should never have got through in the first place in my opinion, for what it’s worth! ).  Broomsticks and swinging, flower ridden drag queens spring to mind!  The drag queens have lovely voices, but for the Queen?….I think not.  And really……just how much can a man and a broomstick do that’s truly entertaining?  Anyway, that’s only my humble opinion but it was echoed through the entire house so I think I rest my case!

Anyway, it’s all irrelevant, we thoroughly enjoy it and find it all very entertaining and that’s what it’s all about.  Good fun family time!  We will never agree with who should win and that’s a good thing.  We all have different tastes and it’s what makes the world go round.  Besides, I’ve brought my children up NOT to be sheep and follow the crowd, if they disagree with the majority and have the confidence to voice it then that’s all good in my view.  Fortunately they all carry this with them away from home as well and enjoy being ‘different’ to the crowd.

I see this as one of my greatest triumphs as a mother and I applaud my children for having the courage and being happy to just be themselves.  Long may it continue.

Walt Disney’s advice was ‘To watch what the crowd were doing and then do exactly the opposite’…..it’s a philosophy that’s served me well in my life and I hope will serve my children equally as well!

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