Good deeds going wrong !!

So….here I am sitting in the Almanack as always enjoying my Latte ( hot when it arrived and as usual cold by the time I remember to drink it !! ) and getting on with the book.  I lost a lot of writing time last week due to various sick kids and not being well myself so I’m way behind.  I’ve got a meeting with the Consultant Child Psychologist who is working with me on the book on Tuesday so I wanted to have at least the format of the rest of the book completed before we met.  This is the first chance I’ve had for days to get my head down !

I’d just finished the piece I was working on when Lorie walked in.  She’s been so ill and in bed for six days so she just wanted to get out for an hour but she really is still not well enough.  Anyway, it was lovely to have her company for an hour but she’s still feeling very ill and therefore very down.  I tried to cheer her up but she really wasn’t in the mood, nothing I said perked her up.

Until… we were sitting here by the window….a toddler came over and pressed his little face up against the window where we were sitting.  He was lovely and grinning from ear to ear at me so I responded with a smile and wave.  We exchanged giggles and waves for a minute and then I pulled a face at him which made him laugh even more.  It was one of those lovely little interactions we have sometimes that make you smile and make a child’s day happier !  That was until he started walking backwards laughing his head off and walked straight into the corner of the table behind him !  He fell over crying his eyes out….he was hurt, I felt guilty and Lorie found my reaction of sheer horror at what I’d caused absolutely hilarious !!

I rushed out to his parents apologising profusely for causing him to hurt himself and they were lovely.  They insisted it wasn’t my fault and by the time I’d passed a few minutes with his parents he was all smiles again !  Just goes to show that sometimes our good intentions can go wrong !  Should I have just ignored him though ?  Would that have made him wary of approaching someone in the future and inhibit his social skills if I had ?  Very possibly.  So, next time a child comes and interacts with me through the window I will do exactly the same as I did today and make them laugh and let them know that people are not to be feared.  Could the same thing happen again…very possibly but children get over physical bumps very quickly, social rebuffs take a lot longer to recover from even at the age of 2.

……and it did cheer Lorie up !!!!

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