Grammar Nerds!!

Happily Grammatically Incorrect!

Anyone reading my blog who has even a basic knowledge of the technicalities of English grammar will no doubt occasionally read it and find themselves raising their eyes skywards in dismay!  I actually achieved the dubious honour of managing to leave school without knowing what an adverb is!  I’m not going to let that stop me from writing though as I’ve now discovered I really enjoy it, it’s my blog and I’ll allow it be grammatically incorrect if I want to!!  (as opposed to crying at parties)

Anyway, I have one of the top ghost writers in the country, Lynne Barrett-Lee, to ably assist me in that department and a brilliant proof reader, Jo Ciriani, as a close friend (she reads my blog and must wince regularly!).  From this you must therefore deduce that my actual grasp of English grammar is somewhat limited, whatever I do know I seem to have picked up via the ether and certainly not through any degree of studious application.

You would never know he’s a grammar nerd would you?

Sheldon (sorry….Osborn), on the other hand is exactly the opposite.  He not only understands exactly what is grammatically correct, he loves it.  No, I’ll go further than that, he’s obsessed with it!  In fact, he’s obsessed with languages generally.  I often appear in the TV room to find him watching Welsh TV with subtitles, any computer in the house can magically, suddenly be conveying it’s information in French (or even Latin!) and even idle chit chat can result in a lengthy conversation about subjunctives (whatever they are?).

And so, it was with a degree of amusement, that I saw a friend having a little rant on Facebook about a fairly touchy subject which had obviously upset him, to which Osborn had very kindly offered a grammatical correction!  Bless him, never mind the sensitive content, he’d spotted an error that in his mind was as criminally obscene as murder and he just couldn’t help himself.  The heinous crime?  He’d put ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’, a criminal offence that warrants the death penalty as far as grammar nerds are concerned (no offence Lynne and Jo!).  

He corrects constantly, even questioning the wording on the letter we had along with his European Insurance Card, only to find that it was actually correct (much to his disgust!).  He also corrects my blog in the hope that I will edit it and correct my errors……….nah!!  I write as I speak and people seem to enjoy my ramblings so I’ll continue unabated…….so sorry if my grammar annoys you!!!!!!

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