Half term!!!

Here we are again!  Half term.  Does it come round ridiculously quickly or is that just me?  They no sooner seem to have started back at school after the main holidays and ‘Bam’, they’re off again!

I love my children’s company and it’s lovely having them at home but everyday life goes on and work still needs to be done whether they’re at home or not.  I work from home so my working day is greatly impeded by a continuous cacophony of ‘Mum’s’ coming from seven kids all wanting/needing something from me!  Even if I take myself out of the house I can’t escape as they still have access 24/7 to that miracle of modern day life called the ‘telephone’!….and boy do they make use of this wonderful piece of technology!  My phone rings constantly with requests like ‘Can I go to Chelsey’s house later?’ or ‘Can you bring some milk back with you, we’ve run out’ ( as always)!  We get through 35 pints a week of the stuff I calculated recently, definitely no calcium deficiency in our house!

Rotten weather makes any school holiday harder as we all know.  What on earth can they do when it’s pouring with rain, blowing a gale etc… I certainly don’t believe in forcing them out in all weathers, I would hate it myself so I certainly won’t inflict it on my own children unless they want to.  Good weather makes life easier as they can utilise the garden for those of us who have them or the local park if not.  Mine are quite happy to potter around the garden when it’s sunny and I take a couple of hours out to do some gardening so that we’re all doing something all together.

For mum’s that have to go to an office to work…I sympathise.  Organising someone to look after the children in the holidays must be incredibly hard.  I’ve always wondered why the government doesn’t organise activities at school free in normal school hours so that working parents have a fighting chance of keeping their lives on an even keel?  Cost I guess….but I do know that the heightened stress for some parents in the holidays is excessive and the cost of childcare incredible high.

So….let’s all join hands and pray for good weather in the coming week so that the very least we have some decent options as to what to do with our ‘little darlings’ over the next seven days!  Good luck to all parents out there, I’ll be thinking of you whilst doing the same as you and trying to keep my life together!

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