Healthy Lifestyles and Kicks up Bums!

Healthy Lifestyles!

You may have all realised that I’m on a fitness campaign?  Having been super fit for (most) of my life it’s all gone a little bit to pot in the last couple of years and I’ve gained a stone and a half!  It’s been a combination of all sorts but leading a more sedentary life sitting writing most of the day certainly hasn’t helped and a long stint on crutches last year definitely played it’s part in my bodies demise.

Errrrrr…..yeah….it does look a bit like this at the moment!

So, gym membership in place (and actually using it!), diet very much on track and various other strategies in place I’m now confident that I will look ‘normal’ again in a couple of months, not a day too soon in my book!

Part of my new regime (much to the children’s amusement!) is seeing me leap out of my chair every 20 minutes or so and do 20 star jumps followed by a minute planking!  I love to work outside in this glorious weather so I guess it must look mighty strange to any onlookers but at least it’s a way of waking my body up every so often to remind it that it should be moving a lot more than it has been.

Todd, a close friend of mine, has put me onto an App called My Fitness Pal which I downloaded last night.  I’m still getting my head round it but it does look extremely good so this morning I’m embarking on my project with a new vigour with the help of my new ‘pal’!  I think his partner Jo might join in as well so watch this space for our progress.  I’ve also got the added incentive of an award ceremony later this year and would love to feel good on camera!

Another big kick up the backside to get fit again slapped me round the face yesterday.  A good friend of mine rang me to tell me that her husband had just had a heart attack and was in hospital.  I was horrified and heartbroken for both of them.  He’s going to make a full recovery hopefully but is still in hospital having tests done and I’m waiting for news.

It’s a wake up call for him but should also serve to remind all of us that keeping fit, eating healthily, sleeping well and getting a good work/life balance is so important.  So I’m partly doing this in honour of someone I treasure, a magnificent human being who doesn’t deserve to be ill.

Let’s all make the change and ‘Just Do It’!!!

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