Help your Arthritis!!

My exercise routine over the past year has been appalling!  A mixture of circumstances have kept me away from the gym on a practical level as well as just not being able to find the motivation to go.  Not like me at all, I’m normally a real ‘gym bunny’!  I’ve actually been feeling physically fine but recently a familiar pain in my hip has started returning.  I was told 8 years ago that I would need a hip replacement within two years but thanks to training hard I’ve actually managed to pretty much solve the problem. My last bone scan showed that thanks to my strict exercise routine I’d actually managed to reverse the deterioration in my bone density to the point where I no longer had to worry.

The recent return of the pain though rang alarm bells and I announced to the children that I had to get back into training hard and that they were to shove me out of the door if I said I didn’t feel like it!  They’ve taken this to heart and together with going at the same time as a close friend of mine has meant that I’m now back to regular tough training.

What has really shocked me however is that in spite of hardly training for a year I’ve virtually lost no fitness?  I can’t go quite as hard on the cardio stuff yet and I have had to drop the amount of weight I pull a little but certainly not to the extent I was expecting.  I’m quickly building back up to where I was a year ago.  I don’t understand it?  Maybe I was so fit after years of hard training that I’ve somehow managed to maintain a degree of fitness?  Maybe my everyday life is far more physically demanding than I realise and that’s got something to do with it?

Whatever it is I’m exceedingly grateful!  I was actually very fearful the first time I went in a few weeks ago dreading having to start my regime from square one.  I always get scared when I haven’t trained regularly even though that’s been a rare occurrence as I know only too well how hard everything feels when you first start.  The rewards however do come very quickly so to anyone wanting to start but fear is holding them back, I know how you feel.  Bite the bullet and go for it, whether it’s gym training, running, walking etc….is irrelevant, the rewards far outweigh the fear of starting.

If, like me, you suffer from joint pain due to arthritis I can testify personally that a long time ago I had to live on painkillers.  Partly due to having so many babies and partly genetic, my bones were deteriorating much earlier than they should have.  My doctor advised me to increase my exercise level which I did and hey presto, a couple of months later I was able to come off the painkillers and live a much happier, pain free and healthy life.  Research has already proved that regular activity can vastly reduce the pain of arthritis, I’m living proof that it’s true.  I want to encourage anyone reading this to get active and feel the difference within a relatively short period of time.



Good luck!!!

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