Here comes Summer!

The Shanks Family….Normal….Never!

What a fabulous day yesterday was!  I know we all agree on that one, the first reminder of balmy, summer days to come spent in the garden listening to the birds and soaking up some much needed vitamin D.  Aaaaaaah……peace and quiet!  Well, actually no, not in our house.

‘Quiet’ Sunday afternoon?

Sunny days at The Mad Shanks Residence equals lots and lots of people, the girls’ boyfriends, miscellaneous ‘adopted’ children who randomly come and go at the best of times and anyone else who happens to be passing, or at least, that how it feels!

Yesterday was no different, I returned home from spending the morning in the trusty Almanack working to find a veritable throng gathered in the garden and kitchen with Kacie merrily cooking and making tea for the assembled gang!  Nothing new to me, they’d all been out to Rainbows, a local gay bar, the night before to celebrate ‘son by another mum’, Chris’s birthday.  

Hangovers were put to one side in order to enjoy the beautiful day as everyone tucked into their egg on toast, that is, apart from Lorie.  She emerged looking as though she’d been dragged through a hedge backwards and had developed a huge aversion to the big yellow thing in the sky that was making her pounding headache even worse.  Not the prettiest of sights although Lorie does have the uncanny ability of looking gorgeous regardless!

Oh dear Lorie….

I joined them and all I can say is thank goodness we have no neighbours!  The decibel level was noticeably louder than normal (if that’s possible?) and with all the comings and goings it was impossible to count how many people were actually there.  I think I eventually decided there were about 14, give or take.

Do I mind?  No…..they keep me young and I make them laugh with my teenager’isk behaviour as I mock the current language, salutations and behaviour.  They all know I’m mad so it’s all good!  

I also realised, after looking in the pond, that the frogs had been back to spawn in spite of the lack of water after the pond was punctured shortly after putting the new liner in last year (Grrrrrrrr! Lots of hard work down the drain…).  Having asked Osborn to bring the hose over to refill it a little for the sake of the frogs I spotted one fish that had somehow survived the winter!  It was definitely alive as it’s gills were moving albeit slowly….  I announced to everyone that one of the fish was alive and everyone gathered round the pond to look, inevitably it had vanished…..  Chris being quick off the mark took this photo of most of us staring for about 10 minutes at the hose filling the pond!  

Maybe the sun had gone to our heads because no-one realised we were staring at nothing for ages.  Meanwhile, Dodger was doing a bit of sunbathing of his own!!

Come on Summer……we’re ready!!

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