Hobnail Boots and Beer Festivals !!

I missed my blog yesterday so I’m really annoyed !  Mind you, it was one of those full on days where I just didn’t stop and I confess I went out with friends last night so no excuse on that one !

An interesting day though.  It started with a meeting at the Building Society (yawn).  I then went to pick Pippa up from school to take her to Birmingham Children’s Hospital to get her new splints cast.  Nothing interesting about that except that the previous day I’d walked last a charity shop in town and seen in the window the perfect pair of basic, neutral summer sandals…the type that you can wear with anything !  My idea of heaven !  At £2.75 they were a steal and fitted perfectly.  I was overjoyed with my bargain as they would allow me to chuck out my current pair that are way past their ‘sell by’ date !

It was sunny yesterday morning so I slipped on a summer dress and wore my new shoes.  Great !….well actually no !  By the time I arrived at Pippa’s school the top was coming out of it’s fixing between the upper and sole.  Oh well…I can glue them I thought.  By the time we arrived at the hospital the other one had gone as well and they were barely staying on my feet !  I hobbled into the hospital as best I could and we waited to be called in.  As I walked into the Orthotist’s room the left one went completely and I tripped as it flew off my foot.

Never mind I thought, I’ll just go barefoot which is my preferred mode of footwear anyway !  The doctor looked at my feet once he’d finished with Pippa and asked how I was going to get back to the car ?  I laughed….I’ll just take them off I told him.  He wasn’t happy !  “They’re doing construction work outside” he said “you could tread on a nail or something !”

I assured him that I am a big girl and that he wasn’t to worry, I would be careful.  He was adamant, I was not walking out of his room with no shoes on !  He then looked at the shelf above his head and asked me what size I take ?  4-5 I told him.  ” Hmmmm” he said “I’ve got a pair of size 6 boots you can have.  They’re only going to recycling so you’re welcome to them ?”

I decided it would be better to accept his offer in view of how obviously worried he was and he got them down and took them out of the box.  They were HUGE !  Not only size wise but the boots themselves looked like an enormous pair of ‘Bovver Boots’.  I found this hilariously funny as I slipped my feet into them and did them up !  Teamed with my pretty summer dress I announced that I was doing a Lilly Allen and all was good !  Pippa however was mortified !

She told me in no uncertain terms that we were going to walk to the car separately and she was disowning me !  I in the meantime I made the most of the hilarity of the situation and danced the 100 yards to the car !  I had to drive barefoot as there was no way on this planet I could possibly drive with them on.  I dropped Pippa back off at school and she assured me that she was more than capable of finding her way back to class unaccompanied !  Anything but be seen with me looking like that !

The evening saw me out with friends at the Beer Festival in Bishops Itchington.  I wasn’t in the mood to go by the time it came to leave but Mirie threw me out of the door saying “You have to have a social life…..GO !!!”  I duly went and I’m so glad I did !  We had a great evening with intelligent but hilarious conversation and the best company I’ve kept in months.  Vicki had had too much to drink so I happily dropped her and Craig and their friend Shep home so she could leave her car to be collected the next day.

What a great night…thank you to all present !

Oh yeah…..by the way….the disastrous shoes are in the rubbish at the hospital !!!!!

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