Holiday Projects!!

So, the summer holidays have started!  Those of you breathing a huge sigh of relief at the prospect of no school runs for six weeks, I understand the sentiment.  Those of you looking at today’s cloudy sky wondering how to amuse the kids for six weeks, I sympathise!  I’m doing the same thing praying that the weather hasn’t broken the day after they all broke up from school!

I’m desperately trying to come up with great projects that they can all get their teeth into that will keep them occupied.  Pippa’s teacher last year who she is desperate about losing has a love affair with ties so I’ve told Pippa I’m going to buy a white tie that she can decorate with fabric paint to give him when she returns to school.  Osborn is happily taking on the garden and pond as his major project so that just leaves Nikita.  Still trying to work out what I can come up with for her as she’s not keen on most things that relate to ‘work’!

Meanwhile, Osborn has been away overnight at a friends house.  We all commented last night on how quiet the house was without him in spite of the fact that there were still 5 of us there!  Just goes to show how much talking he does!  Amazing he manages to get a word in edgeways most of the time living with seven women!  Living proof that he copes with his female housemates extremely well. 

I’m hoping we can get the waterfall installed tomorrow.  It’s a day’s work but I reckon a good Shanks team effort should see it done by tomorrow evening.  The ponds ecosystem is rapidly returning to normal with algae growing and the plants I’ve put in thriving.  The fish are perfectly happy in their new home and the frogs and toads are gradually returning having buggered off in a hissy fit at the change!!

Tomorrow will see us digging, moving earth, piling up the huge rocks and creating (hopefully) a natural waterfall.  Let’s hope all goes according to plan?

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