Hoops and Nets !!!!!

A lovely sunny day yesterday found most of us out in the garden performing various tasks, tidying, clearing the patio of it’s carpet of weeds and getting the pond to the point where we can actually remove the liner and replace it.  The latter is an on going saga but we’re getting there slowly but surely !

For the first time this year we were actually able to enjoy eating outside in the sunshine so lunch was served amongst the compost and pots on the garden table typical Shanks style !

Having finished we were all sitting chatting before getting back to work when Osborn wandered off and grabbed the basketball and threw into the basketball hoop.  It got stuck and he had to get a stick and knock it out !

“Jake” he shouted, “It’s his fault !  The net is too small for the hoop.  I told him so !”.  Jake is Jamie’s boyfriend and this had obviously occurred in my absence at some point as I had no idea.

Kacie then piped up with ” Osborn !…it’s not that the net is too small for the hoop…the hoop is too big for the net !!!!”  She was adamant.

Now am I only one baffled by the 20 minute argument that followed between them regarding which was the wrong size, the hoop or the net ?

I don’t mind admitting I was fascinated by the whole fiasco unfolding before me.  Both absolutely determined to win the argument, neither of them able to see the comedy of it ? 

I watched and listened for a while before trying in vain to get a word in.  Eventually I managed to point out that they were both right and wrong !  I also pointed out that they had taken the net off the Netball hoop outside the back door and put it onto the freestanding Basketball hoop which is bigger, hence the problem !

It didn’t work anyway, they continued with their ‘discussion’ in a slightly better humour but it was never actually resolved !  The immovable object and the irresistible force !!!!!

On another note….just enjoyed ten minutes watching Jamie trying to catch the chicken she was trying to cuddle who decided not to play and fluttered over the fence !!  Good, fun viewing !!!!

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