Horizon documentary on Autism…..fascinating insights


I finally managed to find the time to watch the Horizon Documentary last night that was screened on Tuesday evening, I’d missed it because, ironically, I was at the Autism One on One event!  Having found somewhere quiet (my bedroom) I settled down with eager anticipation.

A fantastic programme and very insightful.  Autism is a very complex condition and a lot more research needs to be done before we can fully understand on a medical level why it happens and how.

Programmes like the Horizon documentary are extremely valuable with regard to everyone gaining a better understanding of the fact that we are all wired slightly differently and a percentage have the unique brain wiring that we refer to as ‘Autism’.

No disputing the fact that we all think very differently!

Whilst the value of programmes such as this is indisputable, it doesn’t replace the very real help that people need in order to find ways of comfortably living their lives.  This doesn’t only apply to people on the spectrum, it applies to everyone who has an autistic person in their lives, be it a child, sibling, friend etc….

When I decided to start the Autism One on One group it was because, looking back, I realised that the most valuable help I ever received was from other people.  Sadly I never had the opportunity to talk to someone actually on the spectrum and hear their struggles directly from their perspective.  Fortunately though, I now have children who are very able to talk openly and honestly about how they felt when they were little, the things they struggled with and are very often able to understand on a very real level how other people are feeling and why.

This is a powerful tool for anyone to have access to.  If your child does ‘x’, there is a good chance that one of my lot can shed some light on why it may be.  It’s effectively another piece of the jigsaw puzzle that helps to make the picture more complete and therefore more readily understandable.  

I’m so grateful to my children and delighted that they all have such a huge desire to try to help others by baring their souls.  It was also interesting to see how tired they all were after the evening and I believe it’s probably down to the huge level of concentration involved  in talking to so many people!

I sincerely hope that the evening was of benefit to everyone and as soon as I’ve managed to track down a larger room that’s free I will let you all know.

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