How do you fit a square peg into a round hole?

Spatial Shenanigans!

Having run an events business myself for over 30 years, it seemed like a really good idea to allow the 4 eldest girls to supply a casino for one of my old clients who has remained a good friend.  After all, it’s one of the things we used to do thousands of, what could possibly go wrong?

That was my first mistake.  I told the girls I couldn’t get involved as I had a talk for the NHS the following day and wasn’t prepared to get home at 5 in the morning!  They assured me that all would be well and I believed them!

OK……OK… wasn’t this bad but it looked like it to me!!

Constant nagging from me about getting a van organised (so much for not getting involved!), and the day before the event I found myself scouring the internet for a van hire company that would hire to someone under 25.  Numerous phone calls from Jamie yielded no success so we were both relieved when the friend of a friend she was waiting on, finally called her back to let her know that his van was, indeed, available.

Consequently, Jamie and I toddled off at 10 o’clock the next morning to pick said van up.  On arrival I don’t mind admitting that I was a little concerned to see the gentleman hiring the van bring out a set of jump leads!  He went ahead and jump started the van telling us that the person from the night before had left the interior light on, I assured Jamie that she needed to take a set with her…….just in case.

He then drove off to give the battery ‘a bit of a charge’ and reappeared a few minutes later announcing that the vehicle couldn’t be driven due to the clutch slipping.  Panic set in!  Numerous phone calls to his friends with vans proved to be fruitless and at 10.45 on the morning of the event we were, technically, vanless.

He then advised us that we could hire his own van but it was smaller, we were, however, welcome to take a look.  SMALLER?!  The one we were supposed to have was an extra long wheelbase, this one was smaller than a Transit!  Jamie and I measured, perused, went through different loading scenarios and eventually decided that we had no choice but to make it work….somehow.

Back at the house with the van parked on the driveway and Lorie appeared asking where the van was!  We indicated towards the little white van and she burst out into fits of laughter, “How on earth are we going to get everything in there?” She asked, obviously a little bewildered!

An hour later after much pulling, pushing, banged heads, squashed arms and miscellaneous other injuries and everything was in apart from the Roulette legs.  The only option was to tie them to the rook rack……thank goodness there was a roof rack!  Jamie and Lorie scrambled inelegantly onto the roof and proceeded to tie the legs in place with copious amounts of rope until we were satisfied that they wouldn’t fly off as they drove down the motorway.

This was an important event with an important client and I don’t mind admitting my heart was in my mouth as they weaved off down the road in the rain with Jamie driving a van for the first time.  Taking over running Big Indoor Games is a good idea as a money earning business for the girls and hopefully next time the van will booked from a reputable company in plenty of time.  Apparently the event was eventually a success, so let’s hope that there is a next time!

PS…..a note from Osborn to point out that 5 is actually a ‘good’ odd number and actually 6 is a ‘bad’ even number.  Other than that the odd number rule stands!

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