How much do you like yourself?

Do you like yourself?

That’s a quote from my son, Osborn, he recently mused that he didn’t believe that if he met himself he would want to be friends with himself.  Having asked him whether it was because he didn’t like himself, he told me that wasn’t the case, he just didn’t think he would get on with himself!

Osborn…he’s a good friend to me!

This made me wonder about myself?  Would I be my friend?  After much soul searching and angst, I finally decided that I would be my friend, I quite like me!  Maybe it’s a question we should all ask ourselves, after all, the answer could be quite telling.

Mind you, there will always be people who’s self esteem is too low to like themselves, and certainly wouldn’t be comfortable admitting it even if they did.  So, why do I quite like me and why am happy to admit it?  Good question that!  Maybe it’s partly a matter of age, maybe as you get older you care less about others people’s opinions of you?  Maybe, it’s about maturity and understanding life on a deeper level, purely because you’ve seen more of it?  Or maybe it’s about how you feel and the thoughts that run through your head as it hits the pillow at night?  I know when I put my head down at the end of the day I can safely say I haven’t deliberately hurt anyone, I haven’t been rude to anyone, I’ve encouraged as much as I can and I’ve worked hard to see the positive in everything.  

And all of that is important to me, I want to live my life, at the very least, not making anyone’s life harder, and where possible, I want to help people if I can and at least try to make them smile.  It’s the ‘ripple effect’, what I do and the way I conduct myself impacts on every person I have contact with, even if it’s only in the tiniest way.  Smiling and talking to the checkout lady in Tesco is so easy to do, but, for her, it’s a tiny reminder that not all customers are in too much of a hurry to acknowledge that she’s a human being, and therefore, has feelings.  Maybe, in turn, that means she can be nicer to the next customer because her faith in people has been restored slightly which might mean that her next customer leaves feeling lighter and will impact on the next person they have contact with…………and so on.

I get a nice fuzzy feeling from trying to leave people feeling better than when I arrive, it makes me feel good!  So, am I selfishly doing it?  Am I wanting a pat on the back?  No, neither of those, I just enjoy living a life, that hopefully, makes a small difference, and if everyone did the same and, at the very least, were more tolerant of their fellow human beings, it would be a better world all round!

I wouldn’t feel comfortable in my own skin if I knew I’d annoyed every other road user by my selfish driving, I wouldn’t want to go to sleep knowing I’d been rude to someone who was just trying to do their job and if I manage to help just one person every day then I feel justified in ‘liking myself’!

So, the question remains, how much do you like you?


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