How much punishment can an iPhone withstand?

iPhones and Cars

It would appear that iPhones and cars are not a good combination!  I’m not talking about making calls here, I’m taking about a much more physical reality.  As in….running over them with a car!


You need to picture the scene here.  I’d just picked Mirie up and brought her home, we pulled into the driveway and as she got out of the car she saw one of the cats sitting on the wall.  We don’t like our cats being at the front of the house because they get run over by speeding cars with insane regularity so Mirie was very keen to encourage Bobby to come inside with us.

Meanwhile, I was on a mission to do something as quickly as possible and, oblivious to the cat situation, opened the front door and walked in believing she was hot on my heels.  It was this belief that led me to leave both of the doors to the house open upon which Dodger, our beautiful but insane dog decided to make a strike for freedom and dashed out.

Dodger has zero road sense.  When cars stop because he’s standing in the middle of the road oblivious of the danger, he jumps up and licks the headlights.  If he’s allowed out of the safety of the garden fence he will, one day, die.

Still oblivious to the cat situation, I ran after the dog.  Mirie, meanwhile was still trying to entice the reluctant cat to come in and then spotted the dog running down the drive behind her.  She instantly turned her attention to the dog as the danger to him was considerable higher than the danger to the cat.

As she hot footed it down the drive after him she realised she was being hampered by the bags she was carrying and put them down in the middle of the drive.  Knowing only too well that Dodger would be off down the road in seconds and Mirie would have little chance of catching him I returned to the car, started the engine and began reversing down the drive as I could chase him faster in the car.

You can guess the rest!  I’m sure most of you know that sickening ‘THUDUMP’ of the wheels of your car running over something unexpectedly?  Hmmmm…..not a nice noise and not a nice feeling knowing that you must have gone over something you shouldn’t have done!

According to Mirie as she reappeared holding Dodger, my face was a picture!  Frozen in time trying to work out what the hell it could have been and not daring to look mixed with horror on seeing Mirie’s face and realising she was nearly in tears told me in no uncertain terms that the situation wasn’t good.

Having plucked up the courage to look I saw her bags on the drive and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that one of them had tyre marks on it.  The cat was still sitting on the wall calmly observing the chaos that was unfolding before him showing no sign of agitation, just a mixture of the type of indifference only ever witnessed in a cat and what could have been interpreted as a slightly smug look as the dog was carted unceremoniously back into the house.

Once all safely back inside, Mirie hadn’t dared look inside her bag to see what was damaged, all she could keep panting after her run down the road was “My phone is in that bag, I daren’t’ look”.  I undertook the miserable task of emptying her bag and inspecting everything to find that her favourite key chain charm was shattered, her lipstick case was cracked and finally the back of her iPhone was completely shattered the front being perfectly intact!

Bizarrely, the phone seemed to still be operational in spite of the fact it was now banana shaped.  Desperately trying to make amends I immediately drove to the nearest phone rescue to see if a new back could be fitted only to be told that as it now has a rather artistic curve in it, that would not be possible.  I bought a case for it instead as the next best thing.

Said phone is still working albeit a little randomly and we’re expecting it to die any moment.  Fortunately, a very, very kind friend has offered Mirie his old one which I have very gratefully accepted….Mirie’s phone has a very limited lifespan now!

So the moral of the tale?  Well, several I guess….don’t own any pets, they’re a distraction that can prove to be disastrous,  don’t assume ANYTHING, I assumed Mirie was right behind me and don’t ever trust animals that you know are complete idiots!  

Lesson learnt……..

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