How on earth did that get there?

Strange Times!

You all realise by now that anything can and does happen in ‘The Mad Shanks Household’.  It’s a given in our house that the strange and bizarre will happen constantly so these days when I find deceased kittens in the freezer I no longer shout “Why the hell…….?” etc..  There’s no point.  All I ever get back is “I didn’t do it”, “I don’t know” or “WHAT????”.

So these days I start to open my mouth, instantly remember how futile it is and immediately close it whilst dealing with said offending instance. My desk is probably the worst, I can go to work at any time and find anything from shoes (not too bizarre) to a single Weetabix sitting on the keyboard of my computer.  In fact Weetabix seems to be an item that turns up almost anywhere!  On sorting the washing recently I found one wrapped up in amongst all of the clothes.  I mean…

I will offer a prize to anyone who can come up with a sensible explanation of how this happened!!


The screwdriver in the fridge was another conundrum and the day I opened the freezer to be greeted by a finger sitting upright on the shelf was a moment I will never forget!  It wasn’t a real finger obviously but at first glance it certainly looked like one, it turned out to be a bandage that Osborn had had on one of his fingers after cutting it and had decided to see if he could freeze it and maintain the shape of his finger.  Why?

I’ve even started taking photos of each incident that is beyond reasonable explanation.  On finding a used printer cartridge in a packet of cereal the other day I did throw my arms in the air in despair and utter a few expletives but there was no-one here to witness my frustration.  How and why would anyone find themselves doing such a thing, the mind boggles!  Even on using my considerable imagination to try and fathom what particular scenario could possibly have lead to someone putting it there bore no fruit.  On asking when everyone was home you can imagine the response!….see above!

So maybe I have to resign myself to the inevitable reality that this house will always be in a state of chaos and realise that if I need a screwdriver the toolbox is not the place to look.  I’ll check in the fridge first!!

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