How to ‘Be a Dreamer’

How to ‘Be A Dreamer’

I wrote a blog a long time ago about Being a Dreamer, I was prompted to write it by something that was happening to my daughter Kacie at the time and I wanted to have my say with all of the negative people who were causing her grief.

That one blog has had thousands of readers and most of them seem to be from the Ukraine!  I have no idea why this could possibly be but if my words are having any impact on peoples lives and helping in some small way…….well, great!

I therefore, decided to write an update to that blog and report back on whether Kacie had allowed people to affect her attitude or had carried on regardless of being told her dreams are impossible.

The dress was beautiful and fitted like a glove!

Well, I’m here to tell you that not only has she continued to pursue her dreams, she is also making a success of her endeavours.  So, how do you keep going through thick and thin, in spite of everyone telling you you can’t do it and still manage to stay on track and start building success?  By doing whatever it takes, that’s how!

That brings us to, what does ‘whatever it takes’ mean?  I will use a recent event to illustrate the point.  Most of you know that I won an award recently for being amongst the bravest Women from Best Magazine.  We were all invited to London for a weekend of being spoilt rotten before the actual awards on Monday evening, and we had all been told that we would have our hair styled, our nails painted, our make-up done by top make up artists and that there would be a stylist there to dress us from a massive rail of clothes!  WOW!!!

I had invited my wonderful friend Jo to accompany me on the weekend and we’d both taken our own outfits to wear just in case we didn’t find anything that we liked.  Back at home, Kacie had decided to make me a dress for the occasion but it wasn’t ready by the time I had to leave.  I tried to console her and promised to wear it on the next big event I attended but she was devastated at the missed opportunity.

I was sad for her too but disappointments happen in life even with the best intentions, however, I hadn’t reckoned on her incredible level of determination!  On waking on the morning of the awards I found an envelope had been pushed under my door from the Concierge.  It was tell me that a dress had been left at the hotel reception desk at 4.10am!

Bless her!  She’d finished the dress at 1.30am and was so determined I would have it that she drove the 100 miles to London to drop it off, went back and went straight to work missing a whole night’s sleep.  Now that’s what you call ‘doing whatever it takes’!

Her reward?  I wore the dress and everyone loved it and couldn’t believe that my daughter had made it, it’s now all over the internet in photos with celebrities.  She nailed it and achieved her aim to get her designs out into the media and she’s since taken 2 commissions to  design dresses for other people.

Kacie-Kimie.……..YOU ROCK!!  Success comes to those who dream big and back it up with action…..whatever action might be required.

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