How to be happily unemployable!

So much happening, so much excitement and I’m not allowed to talk about it!  So frustrating.  Anyway, watch this space for news!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it’s all go as usual with everyone coming to a crossroads in their lives.  Kacie has finished her Art Foundation course, Lorie and Mirie finish their Performing Arts course  in a couple of weeks, Nikita has just finished doing all of her GCSE’s and Osborn is just about to start his!  Phew!

The next question is where to go from here?  Kacie, Lorie and Mirie have all made the decision ( very sensibly I think ) to not go to University this year.  They are all going to pursue their chosen field in a different way and see what happens and then decide next year. 

My children are all creative, not academic.  The amount of written work on any course these days really precludes most people who have a different learning style.  It’s such a shame but in some ways it may work out better for all of them if they turn out like me and are simply just unemployable and make their own way through life!  Being Maverick and eccentric can have many benefits and in their particular chosen fields will definitely work to their advantage if they grab life by the balls and ‘go for it’!

I believe in all of my children that they will find their own unique course in life and make good decisions about their futures.  They will achieve their goals and dreams because they will never quit and as we all know, persistence is key.

Nikita is in London today on a school trip so she will  no doubt come back full of it!  Pippa has a trip tomorrow so it’s all go with running around collecting them from various locations because they’ll miss their taxi’s.  Enter Mum’s Taxi which is always in service anyway.

We also had invaders outside the house last night who we could hear talking about stealing something so we jumped into the car and chased them down the road!  They won’t be back….and an angry woman seems to frighten these people far more than a man would?  maybe it’s because they figure a woman confronting them must be insane and therefore not to be tangled with?  Who knows…..but’s it’s worked for me over the years!!

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