How to get the housework done…and make it stay done.

Housework…a simple solution

I’ve never liked doing jobs that don’t stay ‘done’.  You know the ones I mean, the ones you have to do over and over again, relentlessly toiling over exactly the same thing that you did only a few hours previously.

I place housework very much in this category along with eating, sleeping and keeping fit!  I know, I know….eating should be a pleasure and so should participating in whichever endeavour you choose to keep your body moving!  Sleeping is something we can’t avoid but it’s still something you have to do every day that’s a waste of precious time!  Forget all that, the philosophy stays the same, you have to do it over and over again.

So back to keeping the housework done!  I have the solution you will be excited to hear, how to go about it may not be quite what you’re wanting to hear though!  So…..DRUM ROLL….have lots of kids!!! TA DAH!!!  NO?  Hmmmmm….thought you might say that…..

My kids!!!

And to be perfectly honest, whilst in principle this should work beautifully, in practise they actually create more work than any ‘normal’ human being could possibly keep up with, they can’t even keep up with themselves!  

So….the $64,000,000 question I get asked continually, how do I do it?  The straight, honest answer is, I don’t!  I do my bit by making sure the bills get paid, the cesspit gets emptied, the drains stay unblocked, the boiler stays working etc…etc….etc….  That, frankly, is quite enough and with 7 kids in the house ranging from 13-22 who all have their own specified jobs which should take only 10 minutes a day, I don’t feel I should have to add housework, in such a busy house, to my list of things to do.

And yes, of course, I do whatever needs to be done when the situation is getting desperate but if the kids want a tidy house to bring their friends into, they have to rally round and jolly well do it.  I don’t have anyone to invite round so it doesn’t unduly bother me!

It’s self inflicted, I rest my case!

They’re their own worst enemies anyway.  For some reason the philosophy of cooking in appropriately sized pans on the right size gas flame so that the fat from the frying pan doesn’t hit the ceiling is beyond them!  Stuffing the bins so full that they are overflowing constantly making even more work whilst clearing the mess is another thing they don’t seem to comprehend, and don’t even get me started on the bloody recycling!

I have tried every strategy known to man, allocating different jobs to different people, trying different days for different things, giving them a room each to be responsible for and even going on strike and telling them I don’t give a s**t!  Whatever I do seems to fall on deaf ears or at best last a couple of days before it all goes to pot again.  Ho hum!

So, actually, scrub the above solution.  Stick with just one or two children, they make less mess, cost less and leave you with more time to have a life!

And sorry kids, I love you all more than I can ever express but…..please… it really that hard to clear up after yourselves????

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