How to have an eternally clean house – Part 2

Housework update…name and shame!!

It’s time for a quick update on how the everlasting housework philosophy is going and whether or not having 7 children is the ultimate solution.

Name and shame! From left to right….Bathrooms and fridges, surfaces, floors, animals and collecting dirties, kitchen, rubbish and recycling, washing!!  You know who you are!! xxxxxxx

Where do I start?………hmmmmmmmm…….tricky!  First off, the recycling tub is still overflowing and due to the roadworks that are threatening to cut us off from the rest of humanity, can only get worse as the lorry couldn’t get down the lane on Monday to collect the last 2 weeks worth.  So much for 10 minutes a day on that one.

Second, we have the washing.  The pile is as deep as ever with miscellaneous laundry baskets and tubs all around the utility room and the (I assume) clean washing is still providing the cats with the cosiest bed in the house.

Third, the floors.  Dusty and furry as ever with random bits of….well….goodness knows what scattered artistically throughout.  The stairs appear to have grown a fur coat?

Fourth, keeping the surfaces clear.  Clutter abounds as always on every horizontal area house-wide, if it has a square inch of space that something can be squeezed on to….well, you picture the scene!

Fifth, collection of items for washing up and care of animals.  Fortunately, I do remember to give them water and food so they’re not starving at least but it’s just as well as otherwise it would be a little erratic.  As for collecting the dirties…..

Sixth, the bathrooms and fridges.  So far not too bad on this one, the fridges are relatively clear of any mould experiments that are usually at various stages of examination and the bathrooms do actually vaguely resemble bathrooms.

Seventh, the kitchen.  The toughest job of the lot and volunteered for by Jamie, even though she knew she would be fighting a losing battle.  So far, however, to a greater or lesser degree the kitchen has been kept in a state where it is actually possible to cook!  The surfaces are clear, the dishwasher is loaded regularly and anything left over is washed up.  A first in this house as it’s lasted more than 2 days!  2 weeks in fact.

Most of the residents of The Mad Shanks Household deem it OK to eat their breakfast and then dump their bowl into the sink, not rinsing and drying it and putting it back in the cupboard which would make Jamie’s job so much easier.  Why everyone feels this is OK to do is beyond me?  It would take a few seconds and prevent the build up that faces Jamie every day.  Oh…and don’t get me started on the saucepans and bowls that have recently had noodles residing in them.  Noodles become solid when dry as I’m sure you all know and the gluten turns to glue that is impossible to remove.  WASH THEM UP STRAIGHT AWAY!!!!….problem solved.  The alternative is Jamie scrubbing for hours to get the bloody stuff off.

Rant over!  So, a little success, but all I ask is 10 minutes every day from everyone and the problems wouldn’t exist.

So to answer the original question of whether having 7 kids is the answer to the housework problem?  A resounding NO….they still create more mess than they clear which leaves a lot of negative equity on the clean house front.

Wish I could afford a cleaner!

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