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Once again last night the faithful and the afflicted gathered in a village hall to gain wise words and assistance from the lovely people at HS2.  We all sat waiting with baited breath to hear the God of all things HS2 furnish us all with details of how all of our lives are going to destroyed by the monster known as HS2, but then, how the government were going to miraculously save all of our souls in the meantime.

Errrrrrrr…..no!  The above is a fairytale. 

What actually happened is what has happened at every single HS2 forum ever held.  NOTHING.  No real information, just evasive answers to specific questions, but we all now know in huge detail how readings in Parliament happen.  A lesson on politics is not what I or anyone else there wanted or needed.  Every question from the floor (some of which have been awaiting answers for 18 months!) were fielded by the HS2 team with “I’m not sure, I’ll have to get back to you.”  Same answer we’re all sick of hearing at every single meeting, forum, consultation they have ever held.

Like so many thousands of people, this is what is going to pass right next to my house 20 times an hour.

People’s lives?

There are horrific stories of how HS2 is going to literally destroy people’s lives the entire length of the line.  Never any mention of ‘people’ though?  In part of the presentation it spoke of ‘occupiers/residents displaced’, what are we…..just a heap of scrap to be ‘dealt’ with?  They also spoke of ‘Risk of Petition’ and limiting petitions that raise issues regarding the project.  They make us sound like a bog standard risk assessment, let’s minimise the amount of time we have to spend actually helping people.  Never any mention of ‘homes’ or the plight of all of the people who are already living with the nightmare and have been for the past four years. People paralysed by the threat and unable to make any plans for their future, trapped by the blight and suffering the interminable stress the whole fiasco has caused to so many innocent people.

As of the construction chaos?  Another fiasco as heavy plant routes pass by schools and down single track country lanes for year upon year!  One couple I know will not be able to enter or exit their house once construction begins? DOH!!!

What can we do?

So, last night we were given some information on how to petition and how HS2 are going to deal with ‘affected parties’.  I assume by ‘parties’ they mean us lot, you know, the ones getting in the way?  Ok, we can all serve blight notices, issue petitions etc…oh, and by the way, in order to petition we not only get to spend hours and hours of our valuable time filling out forms but we also have the privilage of paying £20 as well!

So can someone please explain to me how it is that I have to spend hours of my time and £20 fighting something that I don’t want , my children don’t want and that I never asked to be involved in in the first place.  And it doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual or business, somewhere down the line someone has to put the hours in and be paid to do it, their cost coming out of the bottom line profit of the company involved.  In my case and many others, it’s a case of spending my precious hours form filling rather than working to provide for my family or actually spending time with my beautiful children as a mother should.

It appears that they can do anything they like and us, the affected, are powerless against the might of the government.  I know somewhere in all of this there is a Human Rights issue that needs to be pursued.  Maybe I’ll be the one to take up the sword and march against the enemy and force them to take appropriate action to defend the weak and helpless.  Watch this space!

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