HS2 Phoenixes rise together!

Rising like a Phoenix!

And so it is, along with many others, that I rise like a Phoenix from the Ashes that were the daunting, time wasting, impossible unless you have a degree in law, monstrosity that was the HS2 Petitioning process!  But risen I am and I actually have my life back!

After 9 days of continuous pontification, worry, stress and agonising (after months of knowing it was coming soon and all the stress that went with that knowledge),  at 10.30am this morning I handed said Petition to the ever present and faithful Joe Rukin for his safe delivery to the Houses of Parliament.

Let’s join hands via the ether and give thanks that we survived the HS2 Petitioning process!!

I’d actually, also, managed to get most of it right apart from a couple of missing signatures and the page that gave Joe permission to hand it in on my behalf.  Pretty good going I thought in view of the fact I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.  For the pleasure of participating in the above fiasco that I had no desire to enter into at all, I had to pay the princely sum of ¬£20!  Months of fear, misery and stress and I get to pay as well!  Gets better and better doesn’t it?

And I’m not alone.  Apparently, at the last count, there were roughly 2000 Petitions that had been handed in so I was definitely NOT alone in being embroiled in the out dated legal speak that the whole damn thing had to be written in.  The words I, me, us were forbidden and had to be replaced with the lengthy and time consuming ‘Your Petitioner’ every sodding time and I know that this is the point at which some smart arse if going to tell me there’s a quick way of doing it so I didn’t have to type it out every time.  Would said ‘smart arse’ please refrain, I’m still in the process of retrieving my usually amiable attitude and will not be responsible for my response to such advice.  Leave it a few days please whilst I readjust my temper!

So I’m back where I belong, blogging, co-writing my first book and campaigning for better understanding and awareness of Autism.  Once again I can focus on the important, not the urgent and attempt to get back on track after a lengthy disappearance.

To those who have missed me….sorry.  To those who don’t give a damn whether I do what I do or not….well…..I’m back anyway!

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